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Hey everyone! Welcome to my Home Tour Series, where I show you a tour of my home. You can see what rooms we have and how we have them set up, how we organize everything and anything else your nosy little heart desires. I’m going to start off this series with a tour of my Office, the brainpower behind everything that happens in my house. 

My office is located just off of our front door. It’s considered a bedroom because it does have a closet in it, but since every other bedroom is upstairs, we decided to turn this room into a multipurpose office. (We don’t like having bedrooms on separate floors of the house because of the kids).

This isn’t the best picture (excuse the lighting), but this is an overview of the office. You can see my craft area and a portion of our computer desk.

My office is a multipurpose room that houses many of our needs. I have a couple of bookshelves for my books, as well as a shelf that I use for my Monthly Freebies. I have my gift wrapping station right next to the Gift Closet. I have the Kids Crafting Corner where we store all of the crafting and educational stuff for the kids. I have my arts and crafts storage area, which is jam-packed with almost anything you could want to get creative. I have some cube organizers for back-up office supplies storage. I have my computer desk which provides some necessary storage for day-to-day items.

I have a lot on the walls in this room; a map, a framed Tokidoki poster, a Disney Princess calendar, a crossstitch, and a few other bobs that make me happy to spend so much time in here! This room is used for a multitude of projects; holidays, office work, crafting, teaching the kids. It’s so important to me to have everything organized and easy to locate.

I will be doing some House Tour posts on a couple of the sections in this room to provide a bit more details and organization tips.


Do you have an office? What does your office look like? What do you use it for?

Thanks for joining me on the first installment of my Home Tour,  I hope to see you again for the next room!

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