Welcome To My Home! Home Tour: Gift Closet/Wrapping Station

Welcome to the second edition of my Home Tour series! I figured the easiest thing to do would be to take you around to some of the parts of the office that require a bit more detail before moving onto the rest of the house. So, today I’ll be showing you my Gift Closet and Wrapping Station!


This is my Wrapping Station. I purchased the storage cart on Amazon. I use this to keeo everything handy when a birthday or holiday rolls around. I store some of my wrapping paper rolls in the top compartment, as well as some smaller gift bags, gift card holders, decorative packing tape, and some curling ribbon.

There are also some shelving sections to this cart. I keep some ribbon spools on the top shelf, and some extra greeting and Thank You cards, tape and tissue paper on the bottom shelf.

There are two fabric drawers that pull out on the very bottom of this storage cart. In the top drawer, I keep gift tags and in the bottom drawer, I keep gift bows.

This cart has come in handy when I have a bunch of gifts that need to be wrapped. It has wheels on it as well, so I can just roll it out to the living room when I have a lot that needs to be done. 🙂


The closet is my office is used as a gift closet. I keep my eye out year-round for good deals on toys and possible gifts for my kids and my family. If I find gifts at the right price point, I purchase it and it lives here until the holiday or birthday rolls around. It’s a great way to save money and have an amazing Christmas (we always go way over the top, like obnoxiously so) without breaking the bank in December.

Do any of you have a gift wrapping station? If so, what do you think of it? Do you find it helpful during the holidays?
Do any of you have a gift closet? Why or why not?

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