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Hey everyone! Welcome back to another installment of my Home Tour. Today, I’m continuing the tour of the office with a feature on the Kids Craft Corner. When I was a kid, my grandma had a “magic box”, which was a box full of craft supplies. We would pull out the box every once in a while and spend the whole afternoon making arts and crafts. It is one of my fondest childhood memories, so I knew when we moved into our new home I wanted to have something similar for my kids, just maybe a bit more organized. So I set up a crafting corner in my office for them.


The kids have a Melissa and Doug easel that they use for painting and coloring, and then we have a 6-cube organizer that we store all of the “priority kid” arts and craft supplies in. They do sometimes have access to my arts and crafts storage, but this is all theirs, all the time.

On the top of the cube organizer, I have a huge pack of construction paper, a Melissa and Doug puzzle organizer filled with wooden puzzles and some science experiment kits. I also have a couple of paper rolls and some tablecloths that I use for drop cloths when we paint.

Three of the cubes have cubbies, in those cubbies I store arts and crafts “projects” that I get from Michael’s or Target, like making your own Christmas ornaments, extra crayons and safety scissors, and all of our painting supplies. The other three cubes are cubby-free. In those, I store coloring books and a holder for crayons and colored pencils, activity sets like flash cards and felt books, and educational workbooks.

I love the versatility of this space and that I can change it around whenever I need to, but also store some educational things on it so the kids can have fun with those types of projects too.


Do you guys have a “magic box”? Or an area for your kids crafting supplies? What kind of art projects do you and your kids like to do together?

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