Welcome To My Home! Home Tour: Guest Bathroom

Hey all! Today’s post, unfortunately, won’t be a super exciting post. I’m going to show you our Guest Bathroom. And, as bathrooms go, it’s kind of plain. But, I enjoy the simple things sometimes, and sometimes the closet I get to a Mommy Minute is enjoying a quiet moment in my bathroom, so it’s got to be pleasant, right?


So, our Guest Bathroom is right outside of our Office door. We like to keep decor in this room simple, since it is a versatile space meant for our use and use by our guests. The only real “decor” we have in this room is a wooden picture with the “Bathroom Rules” that I bought from Amazon and some pretty red and white striped towels, that will be switched out closer to Christmas time with some Christmas themed towels.

We have a nice stand up shower that can comfortably fit more than one person. I like to keep the guest shower stocked with shampoo and face wash and the like. We also have a set of nice, fluffy towels under the sink for guest use.

On the other side of the “under the sink”, I keep all of our first aid products and cleaning supplies for this bathroom. We keep the cabinets locked with safety locks so the kids can’t access anything that is stored under the sink.

Do you have a full guest bath or a half guest bath? Where do you store your first aid products?

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