Welcome To My Home! Home Tour: Kitchen

Hey everyone! The next stop in my Home Tour is going to be my kitchen. When we were building our new home, one of the most important things to me was a nice, open kitchen with a long island. Our kitchen is a hot spot in our home, where things get the messiest the quickest, and everyone needs something. But, I spend so much of my time there, it’s one of my favorites, too.


I got my island with gorgeous black granite countertops. We picked up some barstools from a local Frys that matched our loose “theme” perfectly. We have a Mohn sink that is built in to the island, which is great for extra counter space.

I try to keep the counters relatively cleared, but some things, like my Kitchen Aid mixer, sneak themselves a home on the counter. We have a huge collection of magnets on our fridge. We have a tradition of getting new ones everytime we go to a new place. All of our cabinets are a stained white, which I think looks beautiful against the dark granite.

I did include pictures of the inside of a couple of the cabinets we use for dishes, just so you can picture how we keep things organized. Surprisingly, even with all of this cabinet space, these cabinets are crazy full.

The last picture is of the entry view into the kitchen, which leads to the garage door.

Do you have a lot of cabinet space in your kitchen? Do you like kitchens with islands?

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