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Hey everyone! I have a very exciting (at least for me) stop on the Home Tour today. One of the best features of my house is the spacious pantry we have. We have a walk-in pantry that we utilize to the best of our ability. It’s that thing that everyone comments on when they come over. We have looked at a couple of houses recently, and after getting used to our current pantry, anything smaller seems like it could never be enough storage space. I think I’m getting a bit too spoiled.


The pantry door is in our kitchen, obviously. When you first walk into the pantry, on the left hand side, I’ve hung up a hook for my apron, as well as a white erase board where I can stick recipes or write out any groceries we might be running low on.

On the other empty wall, we used chalk paint and markers to create a “board” and attached command hooks to hold measuring cups and spoons. The Measuring Equivalent wall art I purchased from Hobby Lobby. It sure does come in handy!

And then, obviously, the point of the pantry: the food storage. Like I said, our pantry is a really large size compared to the standard size of the pantry. I keep everything sorted by category and it’s super easy to go through and pull out anything expired (which, surprisingly, we don’t have much of.) I stock up on good deals or clearance specials at my local grocery stores to keep a nice supply of quick meals, ingredients for dinner meals and snacks on hand since I’m feeding a family of 5 + everyone that comes over and raids our pantry.

What does your pantry look like? Do you use any space saving methods to store your food?


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