Welcome To My Home! Home Tour: Dog Room

Hey everyone! Today’s Mommy Minute is the next installment in my house tour! Today I’ll be showing you our dog’s room. Yeah, our dogs have an entire room to themselves. We like to spoil our pups.


Our dogs room is off of our dining room. We have a gate set up so we can keep them in the room at nighttime. We have doggy beds for our two smaller pups and we have kennels for our two larger pups. The larger dogs were kennel trained when they were puppies and will not sleep without being in the kennel, so we have just let them continue sleeping in them. We just leave the doors open so they can get to their water and what-not.

We do have some issues due to the smell since they sleep in this room everyday, so we constantly have some type of air freshener going in this room. There are two cabinet sets attached to the wall. In one cabinet set (shown), I keep our wet food, treats and basic supplies. Underneath that cabinet set, we keep our big bin of dry food and a bin of toys for the dogs. The other cabinet set (not shown) has towels and bath products, grooming products, and stain remover for any accidents they may have on the carpet.

We also have a bone shaped key rack hanging on the wall that we keep leashes and extra collars on for when we want to take the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood.

I love that we have the space to give the dogs their own room, and it does help keep the rest of the house semi clean since they sleep in this room.

Where do your dogs sleep? Do you have a little room for them? Do they prefer to sleep in a kennel?

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