What’s In My Hospital Bag?

Hey everyone! Today’s Mommy Minute is What’s In My Hospital Bag, where I show you what I’m packing in my Hospital Bag. For those of you that don’t know, a “hospital bag” is the bag you pack to take with you when you give birth. Everyone has different needs, and as this is my third birth, I’m at the point where I’ve figured out what works for me as far as my needs during labor and after. It also does help though, that we live down the street from the hospital so my husband can pop by the house if we end up needed anything extra.

h bag 1

The first thing I did was make a list in my planner of everything that needed to be packed. I ended up running out of room, so I used some jewel shaped post-its to add the last part of the list.

hbag 4

The next thing I did was select my bags. I didn’t want bags that were too large, but I also wanted to make sure I could fit everything I needed in them. I chose a Philosophy tote bag that I got as a free gift with purchase for Ramsey’s things and I chose a VS tote that I got as a free gift with purchase for mine and Kylor’s things.

h bag 2

The first items on my list are a few onesies, a pair of pants and a sleeper. I believe all of these clothing pieces came from Target.

h bag 3

Next, I picked out a hat, two pairs of mittens, a pair of socks, and a pair of booties. These all came from Target with the exception of the hat, which was from a set that I purchased on Amazon.

hbag 5

I decided to take a pack of wipes, since we always have issues with the amount of wipes provided in the hospital (that first poop is no joke), so I packed a pack of Water Wipes. Kylor also picked out Ramsey’s Coming Home outfit (Target, again), so we are taking that as well.

hbag 6

And lastly for Ramsey, I’m take a burp rag and a couple of muslin swaddle blankets, all from Target.

h bag 7

I am taking along my Boppy as well, (Boppy + cover from Babies R Us). This thing is a lifesaver, especially for babies just learning to latch.

hbag 8

Next, I packed mine and Kylors bag. I’m taking a couple of pairs of yoga pants and a couple of loose fitting t-shirts pants + PINK shirts are from Victoria’s Secret).

h bag 9

I also packed a couple pairs of shortie underwear, the most comfortable things ever! Those came from Victoria’s Secret. I’m taking a nursing bra from Target and I purchased a pair of non-skid slipper socks (required at my hospital) from Amazon – the non-skid pattern on the bottom spells “It’s A Girl!”!

h bag 11

Kylor is taking a change of clothes, plus deodorant (and one for me).

hbag 10

And lastly, I packed all of our needed toiletries so we can shower and be relatively clean during our hospital stay.

hbag 12

I’m storing the bags and Boppy next to Ramsey’s dresser so when it’s go time, Kylor can easily run into her room and grab everything.

What did you take to the hospital? Is there anything I’m taking that you feel is unneeded? Is there anything you think I’m missing?

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