Welcome To My Home! Home Tour: Dining Room

Hey everyone! Today’s Mommy Minute will be the latest installment in my Home Tour, where I will be showing you around my Dining Room. We have an open floor plan, so our dining room and kitchen are a big open space, instead of separated.


Our Dining Room itself is pretty plain. We have a large dining room table that we purchased off of Wayfair.com. It came with the chairs as a full set and we leave the expandable leaf extended all year long.

We have a stand-up wine rack in the corner of the room, which remains empty for now because of the toddlers running around. We keep the recycling can and the garbage can in here as well, which helps us to empty it on a regular basis since we eat all of our meals at this table and we like to keep it clean.

And the last thing we keep in our dining room is our bar cart. The bar cart came from Target and we store liquor on the top of it, and the bottom cabinet (which is kept locked) holds all of our fancier alcohol glasses as well as Kylor’s shot glass collection (until we get a display case for them).

The artwork in this room is from a family friend that we have known for years. As you can see from the last picture, this room leads to the kitchen with doorways to the dogs room and the pantry. It’s nice having everything so close together but it means cleaning it once a day!

What does your dining room look like? Do you eat meals in your dining room or your kitchen?

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