Organize My Life: Makeup Collection

Hey everyone! Today’s Mommy Minute starts a new series “Organize My Life” where I’ll be organizing/decluttering various parts of my house/life throughout the new year. These posts will be a mix of blog posts and videos, depending on what we are organizing. I figured I’d start with one of the funner options, my Makeup Collection! Disclaimer: I didn’t declutter much from my Makeup Collection because I recently did a larger declutter, so I focused on organizing this time.


This is what we are starting with. My daughter decided she wanted to help! As you can see, the top of these drawers have become a catch-all for junk. And trust me, you don’t want to see the inside of the drawers. For shame.

makeup 2makeup 3

The first step is to remove everything from the drawers. I pulled everything out of the drawers and separated the products into categories based on how I wanted them organized back into the drawers.

makeup 4

The next step was cleaning the drawers. I used these Clorox scrubbing wipes and wiped out the inside of the drawers, as well as the outside.

makeup 5

Then I gathered all of my baskets that I use inside of my drawers to organize things a bit easier. I sorted them into like sizes to make it easier to plan how I was going to organize.

makeup 6

Next, I started to sort through my makeup. I wiped everything down (the outside of the packaging) with the Clorox wipes and sorted it all into my baskets.

makeup 7

And then I started filling up my drawers! I like to try to leave a little room in the drawers so I have room to grow my collection.

makeup 8

I used organizers and the blank space in the drawers to try to utilize the drawer space as best as possible.

makeup 9

For things that I have a lot of, like blushes, I sorted them into smaller sections: for example, I sorted blushes into palettes, powder blushes and cream blushes.

makeup 10

I purchased these lipstick organizers off of Amazon a while back and they fit into the deeper Alex drawers wonderfully!

makeup 12

I chose to sort lipsticks by brand and then I used one organizer for drugstore and one for high-end.

makeup 13

For my palette drawers, I didn’t use any organizers, I just “filed” them all in.

makeup 14

And then I cleaned the top of the drawer sets off!

makeup 15

I like to use the tops of the drawer sets to display some things, but I try not to let it get too cluttered.

makeup 16

This is the makeup I ended up getting rid of. Some broken products, a couple things that just don’t work for me and a brow product that was recalled.

It feels so great to start out the new year organizing your stuff (especially when you have a large collection like I do), and getting rid of the old stuff!

How do you organize your makeup? Do you use the Alex drawers?

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