Welcome To My Home! Home Tour: Laundry Room

Hey everyone! Today’s Mommy Minute is another installment in my Home Tour. As weird as it might sound, today I will showing you one of my favorite rooms in my house, the laundry room.

When we first started looking at homes and I realized laundry rooms upstairs were a thing, I immediately fell in love. My husband took a bit more convincing, but I finally talked him into it and it is one of the best decisions we ever made. It’s so much easier now to get everything done without feeling like I’m dying from carrying baskets up and down the stairs.


My laundry room is located right outside of my loft. The room itself is a nice size with the same tile we have throughout the rest of the house. Kylor installed a marble-esqe countertop in a cubby section of the wall so that I had counter space for extra storage, as well as a place to fold clothes and an area to put the laundry basket or hamper that is currently being used.

I use the cabinet above the counter for additional storage – backup laundry detergent and cleaning supplies that I use a lot upstairs. We did buy some artwork and frame from Amazon just so that the walls aren’t completely bare. I hate bare walls.

I have a rolling cart from Target that I use to store that products I reach for most right next to the washer and dryer. That has been a huge lifesaver because everything I need is right in my reach. I also bought a mini white erase board that I wrote our laundry schedule on just in case Kylor ever wants to help out :).

I really do have an odd love for my laundry room and I think it’s just a beautiful room.

How do you store things in your laundry room? Do you have an upstairs or a downstairs laundry room?

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