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Hey everyone! I decided to do another installment of my Home Tour for today’s Mommy Minute as I get closer to having a new baby. Today I’ll be showing you my loft. In our old house, I used the loft as a playroom because the set-up allowed for that to be nicely contained. In this house however, I had to change my plans because of the layout of my loft. We ended up deciding to basically make it a secondary living room on the second story.


Our loft balcony leads to the staircase and oversees the foyer down below. The loft itself leads to all of the rooms upstairs. We keep some larger toys up against the wall, including a toy bin filled with toys that both of the kids enjoy playing with. Then I have a toybox filled with Little People toys, as well as some of the larger playsets up against the banister.

Then we have our little secondary living room. We have a flat screen TV sitting on top of an entertainment center with an incredibly old Playstation 2 and some games. We have Kylor’s guitars and a mini fridge that we keep stocked with waters for the kids. And for seating, we have the ever-popular futon and a few throw pillows.

This room is on the smaller side and it may not look like much, but it definitely gets the job done for us and I love having all of this stuff available on both levels of our house.

Do you have a loft? What do you use it for?

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