Welcome To My Home! Home Tour: Gibson’s Room

Hey everyone! Today’s Mommy Minute is going to be another Home Tour post (we are almost done with these!). Today’s Home Tour is going to be my oldest son, Gibson’s room! My children are definitely very spoiled and I think their rooms show that as well.


All of the kids rooms have letters of their first initials on their doors that I painted or decorated. Gibson’s room theme is superheros! With a few other things he loves sprinkled in! All of our kids rooms are fully decorated with artwork and wall stickers. We want to make the rooms as exciting and fun as possible for our kids.

On the back of Gibsons door, I have a hat hook that is storing is small collection of hats (Kylor collects hats and wanted to get Gibson started on that trend, too). Two out of the three kids bedrooms have walk-in closets and Gibson was lucky enough to get one of them. I store his hanging clothes here, organized by size, as well as clothes in the next few sizes that are stored in marked bins. I store some cleaning products and back-up training pants on the top shelves of the closet.

He currently has a toddler bed that either has Avengers or Finding Dory bedding on it and next to his bed is a mountain of stuffed animals that would make Toys R Us shake in their boots. It’s literally the one thing I never wanted in my kids rooms, and somehow I was powerless to stop it.

We have a few bins and organizers against the wall for his toys that he keeps in his room and then we have a bookshelf and a little chair under a knick-knack shelf. All of the kids have full bookshelves in their rooms because I love reading bedtime stories and I love fostering that appreciation of reading!

On the last remaining wall is his dresser, which houses all of his “fold-able” clothes; pants, socks, pajamas, etc as well as extra bedding and extra pull-ups and wipes (at least until we get this potty training thing down) 🙂

What do you think of his room? How are your kids rooms organized? Do any of your kids like the Avengers?

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