January 2018 EcoCentric Mom Review

Hey everyone! Today’s Mommy Minute is another subscription box review! This review is all about the January 2018 EcoCentric Mom box, which is an amazing mom/parenting box filled with eco-friendly and all natural products!

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EcoCentric Mom is $27.99 a month (using this referral link, save $10 off of your first box!), and every month you can select two of the products you’ll receive in your box. The rest of the box remains a surprise!

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This month’s theme is Fresh Start, which I think is beautiful (and a tad expected) for a January box.

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They do know how to fill a box though!

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Saffron Road Crunchy Chickpeas – Sea Salt (1.25 OZ), $1.03 (price based off of $4.99 for a 6 oz bag)

I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever had chickpeas before this box. These are flavored with sea salt (which I’ve seen a bit of in my January boxes), have no artificial colors or flavors, are a good source of protein, and are vegan. I personally found these a bit bland, but they are decently filling so I think they’d be a nice snack for the middle of the work day, or if you’re a breastfeeding mom and are dying for a quick snack that is cool to eat while you breastfeed, I could see these working for you!

Saffron Road Chickbean Crisps – Sea Salt (1 OZ), $1.31 (price based off of $4.59 for a 3.5 oz bag) + $1/1 any Saffron Road Snack Product coupon.

These chips freak me out a bit, to be honest. They are made with milled chickpeas and a mosiac of lentil, pea & sweet potato bits. I couldn’t bring myself to try them, but I’m going to pass them onto my mom who loves chips like this. They are certified Halal and certified gluten free. They just aren’t what I find particular appetizing in a snack food, so I’m passing on these. I am excited about that coupon though!

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Bonnie Marcus Collection Love At First Sight Magnetic Photo Frame, $10.99?

I actually couldn’t find this available to purchase online anymore or any price point for it, so I guessed based on similar products I saw. This is one of the two items I chose for myself, and that was only because I didn’t love my choices this month. I wasn’t super thrilled with this, and after seeing it in person, I’m a bit more leery. It just looks like a cheap dollar store find to me, however I do think the concept behind it is cute. I just can’t quite decide if I want to put a sonogram picture of Ramsey in the frame, or just donate it now.

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Z Skin Age Defying Face Lift Toner (2 FL OZ), $19.00.

I love toners and I use them everyday as part of my morning routine. I’ve tried a few things from Z Skin Cosmetics before, but their toner is new to me. I love the spray pump the bottle has. I find that makes it really convenient to spray on a cotton pad instead of “pouring” the product onto the pad. I didn’t notice a scent with this, which I prefer in skin care products. I feels very hydrating and cleansing on the skin.

Z Skin Age Defying Face Lift Lotion (2 FL OZ),  $24.99.

This moisturizer has an SPF of 45, but I don’t see an expiration printed on the tube which I find a bit odd. I don’t pick up a scent with this either, but its very creamy and slightly thicker then I expected. It soaks into my skin really smoothly and I can feel a noticeable difference after I apply this.

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Loba Mane Color Vibrante Transformative Mask (2 OZ), $10.00

I am a huge fan of hair masks! They are one of my favorite treat-me products for a little me-time at night. This hair mask contains coconut, buriti, tucuma, argan and avacado. The directions say to leave this on for 3-10 depending on desired results. This smells amazing and it’s super thick and creamy. I love that it protects color-treated hair and repairs breakage and split ends, which I have aplenty.

Yorba Organics Surface Sanitizer (3 FL OZ), $9.95 (on sale for $4.97).

This was the second item I picked out this month and once again, I’m having difficulty finding it online. I have received a huge range of Yorba Organic products in my “mommy” subscription boxes, but most of them have been personal care or baby care products. I love having safe sanitizing sprays, especially for counter tops around my house so I knew when I saw this I wanted to try it! This does have an alcohol scent to it (alcohol is the first ingredient), but it works really well! I could see a difference in dust on my desk top and it has a much smoother texture now, so I’m excited to use this more around my house.

I am somewhat pleased with this box. This box cost me $27.99 and I received $77.27 worth of products. However, I am a bit concerned with the difficulty I had of locating some of these products online. I don’t like that “this box is us clearing out our warehouse” feeling that I got from this box. Having said that, I will use everything in this box except for the chips, which I know my mom will enjoy.

What did you think of this box? Have you tried any of these products before?

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