Welcome To My Home! Home Tour: Monroe’s Room

Hey everyone! Today’s Mommy Minute is going to be another installment on my home tour. This is going to be a tour of my daughter, Monroe’s bedroom! We tend to go a bit overboard decorating the kids rooms, but I love having a nice place that is just their own that they can customize as they get older. Plus, I hate white walls!


Monroe’s room theme is Disney Princesses/Fairy Tales, so that’s a common decor theme you’ll see throughout her room. We purchased several pictures for her walls, as well as wall stickers just like Gibson has in his room. Her closet is also a walk-in closet and I have her clothes organized by size as well, with larger sizes of pants and socks and things in bins. She has a nice-sized diaper stockpile that I store in her closet as well.

She has a fabric bin that holds some larger toys and a cube organizer that holds smaller toys or toys with several pieces. She also has a little puppet theater in her corner that she received for her birthday that Gibson obviously loves to play with 🙂

Her bed is a white toddler bed that we purchased from Target and in the corner next to her bed is her stuffed animal mountain. She doesn’t have the lifesize bear that Gibson got for his first birthday, she received a life-size unicorn instead.

Her dresser is from Ikea. On top of it, I store some hair accessories and headbands and then we have a noise machine and some photos as well. She has a mini couch next to her bookshelf, and of course, way more books then she could possibly need. She has some knick-knack type shelves above the bookshelf that houses some cute stuff that I felt fit the room theme nicely! 🙂

I personally feel like her room is a bit more simple, but still tons of fun!

What do you think of her room? If you have kids, what theme is their room?



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