January 2018 Ipsy Review!

Hey everyone! Today’s Mommy Minute is another subscription box unboxing/review! Today I’ll be reviewing my January 2018 Ipsy bag! Ipsy is a great, affordable beauty subscription box that always has a nice amount of products, including full-size products!

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Ipsy is $10.00 a month, but you can get a cheaper subscription if you pay for a year in advance. I pay $110.00 for a year of bags, so each bag works out to be $9.16 each!

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Each month you receive a mix of full-size and sample size products in a new make-up bag.

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This month’s theme is Game Face! This month’s bag is all about getting a little bit of extra motivation to crush your 2018 goals!

This month’s bag is a bit odd to me. It seems more like a summer-y bag then a January bag, but it is cute. I always have a hard time deciding which of these to keep and which to donate. :/

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Global Beauty Care Charcoal Wash-Off Mask (1 OZ), $1.99

This is a 15 minute facial therapy charcoal wash-off mask. It claims it is made for all skin types and that the charcoal acts like a magnet to gently draw out deep dwelling dirt, oil and impurities from your clogged pores and lifts away dead skin cells without over-drying. The full size of this comes in a 5 oz size for $9.99.

I love the packaging of this because it makes it much easier to apply. I hate digging around for a facial mask in a tub packaging. I am a huge fan of charcoal masks, so much so that I even sometimes talk my husband into partaking with me 🙂 This is resealable, which is nice because that allows you to save the extra product. I think this one is a win for me!

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Hola Neon Velvet Liquid Lipstick in DF, $17.00

This liquid lipstick in full-size! Woohoo! DF is a mauve pink with brown undertones and the packaging states it’s never tested on animals, which is a huge plus to me!

I love the color of this. I’m a huge fan of shades in this family and the packaging is super cute. The picture above does show the shade a tad darker then it looks in real life, so take that shade with a grain of salt. The formula is very creamy and I don’t find it to be drying at all. I got super lucky with the color choice this month!

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The Balm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer (0.04 OZ), $3.20

Mary-Lou Manizer is a cult classic from The Balm Cosmetics. This is a multi-purpose product that can be used as a highlight, a shimmer or an eyeshadow. I either have or have had (and used up) the full size of this, but I’ve also had several of this smaller 0.04 OZ sized pan.

I am a huge fan of this, it’s such a gorgeous color and I personally feel it looks amazing on any skin tone. It’s very soft so you have to use a gentle touch. My only issue with this product is the packaging due to its size. The pan is pretty tiny, so the brushes that I normally use for highlight barely fit or won’t fit and it makes it a bit more difficult to use this. However, this is a cult product for a reason and it definitely has a home with me.

ipsy 9

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo (1 OZ), $11.00

I was able to find this shampoo in this size on the Sephora website for $11.00 (currently out of stock, but they have a larger size available as well). The one listed on the Sephora website does have different packaging though, which is a bit interesting to me.

This shampoo is a micro-exfoliating scalp shampoo that contains gentle coconut-derived cleansers and vegetable-based exfoliators to gently remove dead skin and impurities from the scalp and hair. It’s a nutrient-rich blend of coconut oil, panthenol and tea tree oil that helps restore balance and moisture to the scalp, while soothing itchiness and irritation.

I am a huge fan of this brand and this is a product from them that I haven’t tried before. I love the cleansing/clarifying shampoos that get rid of product build-up because I tend to use a lot of product in my hair on a daily basis, so it’s nice to be able to do a deep cleanse sometimes. This is a very thing formula with a strong mint smell. The exfoliant is so fine you can barely feel it. I haven’t tested this out yet, but I definitely know what I’m using in my next shower!

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Ciate London Fierce Flicks Precision Tip Liquid Liner, $19.00

This liner is a full-size liner that retails for $19.00! Woooohooooo!

This liner has over 4 stars on the Sephora website and is from the Ciate London, who makes amazing nail polishes and has branched out into makeup. I have tried a mascara from them before and loved it, but I can’t seem to recall any liners I’ve tried from them in the past.

This liner has a really nice precision tip to it and the shade is an intense black that I always tend to reach for over any other liquid liners. I can’t wait to try this out with several different eye looks, but I’m thinking this is another winner for me!


I’m normally always really impressed with my Ipsy bags. It’s one of my cheaper subscriptions but that value is always there and rarely do they send products I won’t use or have no interest in trying out. There were multiple full-size products this month and I feel like it was a nice variation in product types.

I paid $9.16 for $52.19 worth of products, plus a make-up bag!

Do you subscribe to Ipsy? What did you get this month?


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