My Birth Story: Ramsey

Hey everyone! Today’s Mommy Minute is going to be the story of Ramsey’s birth! Ramsey was born on January 23 at 4:28 in the morning and boy, let me tell you, she definitely came into the world with a bang. This will be a lengthy one, but definitely worth it. (Well, for me at least. I got a cute baby out of it.)


So a little background: I’ve never “gone into labor” before. My first two pregnancies ended in inductions for various reasons and I always had an epidural. My pregnancy with Ramsey was going fine until about week 36.

At 36 weeks, I went into labor. I started having contractions, and I was told at my appointment the day before the contractions started that I was dilated to a 2. I went to L&D at my hospital and they said I was dilated to a 3 1/2. They couldn’t let me walk or offer any medical assistance since I was considered preterm. After an hour of being monitored, I was dilated to a 5. They admitted me and (after they blew 3 veins), I received an epidural. I went to sleep for a couple of hours and when I woke up, they told me contractions had stopped. I received a cervical check and I was stalled out at 5 cm. At this point, they stopped the epidural and had me walk but nothing changed. I was discharged from the hospital. Over the next week, I experienced contractions for several hours a day, but no change to my cervix.

At 37 weeks, I went in to my mid-wife office for a cervical check due to contractions and I was dilated to a 5 1/2. I was told to go home to labor for a while and then head to L&D. I headed home for about 2 hours and then went to the hospital, where they checked my cervix and said I was dilated to a 4. Yeah, they basically told me I went backwards in dilation by 1 1/2 cm. I got sent home.

At 37 weeks and 6 days (which was Monday the 22), I woke up and started having contractions again. They weren’t coming regularly though, so I pushed them out my mind as best as possible and around lunchtime they went away. I had a couple of twinges that afternoon and shortly after my husband came home from work, the contractions came back. They kept up throughout the evening, but weren’t regular, so I continued to try to ignore them.

Eventually, my husband went to sleep and I laid on the couch, unable to sleep due to the contractions. I had been told to come back to the hospital when they got worse, but they weren’t getting more regular and the pain wasn’t much worse then it was before. Around 3 am, the pain did start to increase but not to an unbearable level and they still were irregular. I woke my husband up and told him they weren’t going away and asked him if he thought we should go into L&D. He wanted to wait a bit longer because of our recent experiences. At 3:45, we decided to call the babysitter for our kids since they weren’t going away and we figured we might need to eventually go in. The babysitter didn’t answer, so at 3:55 am, I called my best friend (who lives 45 minutes away) and asked if she would drive down in case we needed to go. She starts the journey.

After I got off the phone with her, I went to pee and on my way out of the bathroom, I fell to the floor in a slightly dramatic way. At that point, we decided to go to the hospital because something obviously changed. We decided not to wait for my bestie and head down with the kids, thinking she could just pick them up from the hospital. My husband went upstairs to get the kids from bed and I decided I needed to use the restroom again.

TMI WARNING (This is where it gets graphic for those weak of heart):

I go to the bathroom thinking I need to poop. I sit down and try to go, but realize the pressure I’m feeling doesn’t feel “normal”. I go to wipe myself and feel…. something. Y’all. I felt my babies head. I then start screaming my head off to my husband who is trying to get the kids and a change of clothes for them that I’m now crowning in the bathroom and he needs to move his ass. We get everything loaded into the car and I tell him to call the hospital and tell them we are coming because at this point, it’s too dangerous for me to try to walk by myself. With every contraction, the urge to push was intensifying. We get to the hospital at 4:22 am. We are greeted outside with an er team and a wheelchair. I climb into the wheelchair and we take off, leaving my husband and the kids to park the car. The er team rushes me upstairs to L&D where I skip triage and am taken to the first available room.

I literally throw off my shorts and jump into the bed. My mid wife was waiting when I got there. She immediately starts telling me that I can push whenever I’m ready. The nurses in the room start doing any test they have time for, which wasn’t much. (I ended up with 2 whole minutes of fetal heart monitoring). I start pushing and then realize I don’t have an epidural. I ask for one and am told, obviously, it’s too late. At this point, my husband (and our two children) show up and take a seat in a bench in the corner of the room. As I push, I feel the pressure of something coming out (what I assumed what the head), and then all of the sudden I hear this loud POP and something explodes everywhere. This, ladies and gentleman, was my amniotic sack. It literally popped upwards. My husband says my mid wife got some fluid from the popping in her mouth. Eek. She tells me to keep pushing, so I do, and that’s when I can feel the babies actual head. And the pain.

Up until this point, all of my pushing was half-assed at best. I was literally talking through the pushing. The midwife says “one big push”, so that’s what I do. I do one big push and feel the top of her head come out. And then the pain. I’ve heard of the “ring of fire” (just google it. Seriously.), but because I’ve had epidurals in the past, I’ve never experienced it. As soon as the thick part of her head hit me, I literally just started screaming bloody murder and lifting my entire body up to try to get off the table. Over my screams, I can hear the midwife tell me it’s okay to take a pushing break, but all I could think about was the pain so I kept pushing and Ramsey came out all in one breath. I have never experienced such a ridiculous amount of pain all at once in my entire life.

The midwife puts the baby on my chest and I just sat there, uncontrollably shaking. The midwife delivers the placenta and they announce that Ramsey was born at 4:28 am. 6 minutes after we arrived at the hospital.

It definitely wasn’t how I was expecting my delivery to go with this pregnancy, but this little bundle of joy definitely made the whole situation worth it. She’s absolutely perfect and I couldn’t be happier with my amazing family.

Share your birth stories below! They were one of my favorite things to read during my pregnancy!

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