January 2018 Ear Fleek Review!

Hey everyone! Today’s Mommy Minute is a review of the January 2018 Ear Fleek subscription.

Ear Fleek is a monthly subscription that costs $3.49 and delivers a new pair of fun and trendy earrings every month! I love earrings and this is a really wonderful, affordable way to add to my collection every month.

Every month I receive a card with a fun greeting on it and a support e-mail if you have and questions or concerns.

Pink Hairtie, $0.25?

Every month, in addition to the pair of earrings, you get some type of extra. This month (and this does seem to be a pattern), I received a small pink hairtie. I’m not quite sure of the value, and I don’t think I’d ever find this online, so I took a wild guess. My only issue with these hair ties is the size. They’re very small, so I pass these on to my daughter since she doesn’t have a ton of hair.

Cupcake Earrings, $4.99.

The earrings I received this month are adorable gold, white and orange cupcakes with a diamond-like accent. I love playful earrings like these because they’re great for everyday wear. I valued these at $4.99 because, while Earfleek has some of their earrings available online, this particular set isn’t, but it seems like most earrings of this size and style are sold around the $4.99 price point.


I think this is a great subscription if you enjoy getting a new pair of affordable earrings every month. I don’t wear a lot of other jewelry at the moment because I have such young children, so this subscription is one that is perfect for me!

I paid $3.49 for $5.24 worth of products!

What do you think of this subscription? What do you think of the earrings this month?

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