January 2018 Nosejoy Review!

Hey everyone! Today’s Mommy Minute is going to be a review of the January 2018 Nosejoy subscription box.

I am trying to perfect these posts, both with picture quality and how the posts are laid out, so bear with me but hopefully the quality will continue to increase, especially once I move onto Febuary’s boxes.

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Nosejoy is a monthly subscription box for home and body fragrances of all sorts. Each month, you’ll get 4-5 scented products, such as candles, lotions, and more for $34.95 a month.

This month’s theme is New Year’s Nose – Resolution Inspiration. Each product is accompanied by a specific resolution on the information card.

Lollia Wander Petite Treat Handcreme, $7.50.

Resolution: Travel More. The perfect cream to keep with you while wandering the world, or just letting your thoughts wander. Macadamia nut and avacado oils create a nourishing blend with hydrating aloe extract and replenishing shea butter. The floral scent includes night blooming jasmine, ancient cypress, and water lily.

Lollia is a brand by Margot Elena (who recently launched her own quarterly subscription that I started subscribing to, so keep your eyes out for reviews!). Lollia does really nice hand creams, and this one is no exception. This has a really nice, uplifting scent and is super moisturizing and hydrating. It’s also a really nice smaller size that is great to throw in my purse.

Cottage Greenhouse Fresh Carrot French Soap, $6.50.

Resolution: Eat Healthy. You may stumble a bit on your diet, but you can always add veggies to the bath! Nurture yourself with the rich and creamy lather of shea butter soap. Made with a vegetable base and a yummy carrot fragrance, and triple milled to generate exceptional lather.

This is the cutest little bar of soap. Well, it’s more like a block. The scent reminds me of Dove soap with a touch of carrot in it. It lathers really nicely, and I think its a perfect fit for my guest bathroom.

Big Dipper Wax Works Pure Beeswax Tin Candle, $5.00.

Resolution: Don’t pollute. Beeswax is a 100% natural, renewable resource that cleans the air by emitting purifying negative ions. Irritants like pollen, dust, and dirt carry a positive charge, and the burning beeswax negates them to reduce asthma, allergies and hay fever. Who needs air purifiers when you can just burn a candle? The natural, sweet honey fragrance is infused straight from the hive.

I’ve tried candles from this brand before, and they’re really nice. I’ll never turn down a cute candle though. I know bees and beeswax are supposed to be amazing for the planet, so that’s a nice plus, as well. This has a very plain beeswax scent, but it does a great job of cutting back on odors in the air.

Pretty Little Bath Co Coffee Lip Scrub, $6.00.

Resolution: Get more done. To get more done, you’re going to need some coffee. This coffee scrub with coconut oil and sugar will stimulate blood flow in your lips, leaving them awakened and plump. To use, spread a small amount on lips (a little goes a long way), gently rub your lips together or scrub off with a finger, and then wash away with water. Better yet. . .just lick it off!

I love me a nice lip scrub, and a coffee flavored one is a great addition to my collection. This is created by the cutest small batch company on Etsy. This scrub comes with real coffee beans on the top! I love adorable little touches like that! It literally smells like a bag of fresh coffee beans and the granulation in the scrub is the perfect amount.

Sam Wish Hippy Detox Bath Soak, $10.00.

Resolution: Clean up your act. This soak is the perfect way to rid yourself of both voluntary and involuntary toxins. The intense, rich aroma of patchouli, geranium, grapefruit and lemon along with both Epsom and sea salts draw out all the toxins in your body and give it a boost to return back to perfect health. Pro tip: Be sure to drink lots of water to replenish and flush out your body of anything left behind.

The packaging of this is absolutely beautiful. It comes in a gorgeous glass bottle with a simple brown label. The scent is on the strong side, but makes a bath smell like the most relaxing thing in the world. The directions call for 1-2 cups in a warm bath. I adore soaks like this, especially as a mother of three.

And one last Resolution: Be a better friend. Maybe you’ve gotten something in a Nosejoy box that you don’t love, or that you just think someone else would enjoy. Toss it in the enclosed gift bag and pass it on!

I think this is the cutest idea! This is a little canvas bag with the Nosejoy logo and some black and white polka dot tissue paper. The entire concept behind this inclusion is a very sweet thought and it’s nice that they included this in their resolution themed box.


I really enjoyed this box as a whole. I’ll use everything in it and I think it was really thoughtfully curated. The value came out to about the cost of the box this month, which I’m not super pleased with, but hopefully the value will increase next month. It’s just something I’ll have to keep my eye on.

I paid $34.95 for $35.00 worth of products!

What did you think of this box? Do you subscribe to Nosejoy?


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