Welcome To My Home! Home Tour: Ramsey’s Nursery

Hey everyone! Today’s Mommy Minute will be a much needed break from subscription box unboxing. Today I’ll be showing you a tour of Ramsey’s Nursery!

The theme of her nursery is woodland animals. We got all of the artwork and pictures that are on her walls from Homegoods. Her closet is the only one of our kids rooms that is not a walk-in closet so her clothes are a bit more squished then the other kids clothes. They are organized the same way though, and she has the same basic furniture as you’ll see in the other kids rooms.

To the left of her crib is a toy organizer filled with smaller infant toys. Her crib itself is Monroe’s old sleigh crib that I absolutely adore. To the right of her crib is a cube organizer that we use to store extra and larger toys in. It’s quite bare right now as she is only a newborn.

She has a bookshelf filled with book and a few knick knacks on top. The infant bathtub is being stored temporarily in her room as its a bit too large for the kids bathroom. We put a glider that has been used for each of our kids in the corner of her room, under a couple sets of shelves.

Her dresser consists of the same layout as the other kids dressers, but she has a lot more odds and ends and smaller pieces then they do at the moment because, well let’s face it, newborns are needy. She also has a decent collection of headbands that are stored on the top of her dresser already, something I am weirdly proud of.

What do you think of her nursery? What was your nursery theme?

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