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Hey everyone! Today’s Mommy Minute is going to be another organization post! Today I’ll be tackling my laundry room! You can see my original Home Tour post of my laundry room here, if you’re interested. Today, I’m just trying to make it a bit more efficient.

This is what I started with.

My first step was to dust the washer and the dryer. . .

And then I cleaned the washing machine with some Kroger brand Washing Machine cleaner.

While that ran through a wash cycle, I went ahead and got started on my 3-tier cart (purchased from Target).

First, I took everything off the cart and put it all on the floor, a la the Konmari method.

I cleaned the entire cart using Clorox wipes.

I reorganized the cart, focusing on what I use on a regular basis. I put all of those products on the top tier. On the second tier, I put my cleaning samples and some back ups and then on the third tier, I placed my laundry/bra bags and some clothing sharpies.

Then, I moved on to my storage cabinet.

I took everything out. Le sigh.

I cleaned all of the shelves with Clorox wipes.

And then I restocked the shelves-

The first shelf is excess laundry detergents.
The second shelf is back up in-wash scent boosters and fabric softeners.
The third shelf is cleaning rags and back-up cleaning products that we use primarily upstairs.
And the fourth shelf is the current cleaning products I’m using and extra lightbulbs.

Next, I wiped down my countertop.

I use that for functional purposes, but for now it’s also where I’m storing extra laundry detergents that won’t fit on the top shelf of the cabinet.

This is what I’m getting rid of, minus the trash that I already threw out. Even a small declutter can make a world of difference in a room.

And taaaaa-daaaa!

I’m so pleased with how organized this room looks now and how much easier it is to get our massive amounts of laundry done in a timely manner.

Have you done any organization or decluttering projects recently? Let me know about them in the comments down below!

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