February 2018 Bookcase.Club Kids Review!

Hey everyone! Today’s Mommy Minute is going to be a review of the February 2018 Bookcaseclub.Kids box! My kids love this box and I love getting new books for storytime every month!

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Bookcase.Club Kids box is a monthly subscription box that costs $9.99. Every month you’ll receive 3-4 children’s books, from a variety of genres.

I love the variety of books they send every month as it really makes us expand our horizons on the type of books my kids read, and they always send beautiful picture books which are Monroe’s favorites.

The Adventures of TinTin: The Seven Crystal Balls by Herge, $9.00.

This book is listed as $9.00 on the book itself, but is listed on Amazon for $11.99, on sale for $5.21. I’ll be using the $9.00 price on the book itself for the value during this review.

Seven explorers return from an expedition in the Andes, where they unearthed the tomb of an important Inca. One by one, the explorers are found in deep comas surrounded by mysterious pieces of broken crystal balls. Can Tintin find the meaning behind these crystal fragments? Will he uncover the cause of the mysterious illness? Join Tintin, Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus on this gripping adventure woven from thrilling detective work and spooky sorcery!

This book is set up like a comic book, with a lot of small print. I think that this is going to be a bit old for my kids, and way out of their realm of reading abilities. It’s also going to be a bit difficult to read as a bedtime story, so I think I might hold on to this one for a while until they get a little bit older.

Big Bad Baby by Bruce Hale, $16.99.

This book has a price listed of $16.99. It’s available on Amazon for $17.99, on sale for $15.60. I’ll be using the price of $16.99 for this review.

How to keep a baby happy:

  1. Never delay naptime.
  2. Keep favorite blankies clean and soft.
  3. Serve only the finest baby food.

What to do if baby becomes unhappy:

  1. LOOK OUT!

Because when babies get cranky – really, really, cranky – you never know what could happen. . .

This is a really cute book with beautiful illustrations. The story line is cute, and my kids really liked looking at the pictures of the “big baby”. It’s a great book for a bedtime story, which is how I tend to use these book so I’m pleased with the selection of this one.

Stars Above Us by Geoffrey Norman, $16.99.

Amanda is afraid of the dark, but her dad loves the night and shows her all the wonderful things that there are to see. The stars, especially, intrigue them both. When Amanda’s dad has to go away, he tells her how looking at the same stars can help them feel close. So even though Amanda misses her dad terribly, she has a special way of keeping him in her heart.

The pictures in this book are beautiful! My kids love looking at the stars with their dad. We even had to get light machines for their rooms that display the moon and stars on their ceiling at night to help them sleep since it provides them so much comfort. This is a really beautiful story that makes a great addition to our book collection for storytime before bed.

World of Wonder: The Awesome Book of The Universe, $7.99.

This book is full of amazing illustrations and information about the Universe, from stars to galaxies, black holes and more. Did you know that sometimes galaxies crash into each other? Or that the Universe began with a Big Bang? Look for: In-depth information, quizzes, question and answer boxes and awesome facts panels.

This is a great educational book that I think Gibson will absolutely adore. Especially because it all revolves around stars! Well, a good portion of it :). This book has a lot of great information for young children that is presented in a fun, colorful way. It keeps their attention well and I love books that teach as you read. This is a definite win for Gibson!


I really love this box. It’s a hit month after month and I think for $9.99, getting 3-4 kids books (mostly hardcover) is an amazing value. I am always pleased, even on the rare occasion like this month that we receive a book that is a bit out of my kids age range. They actually just updated their subscription system, so now you can choose an age range. I selected age 2-4 for now, so hopefully the issue of older-aged books will resolve itself.

I paid $9.99 for $50.97 worth of books.

What do you think of this box? Have you or your kids ever read any of these books?

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