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Hey everyone! Today’s Mommy Minute is going to be another installment of my Organize My Life series, where I go through some of the areas in my house and organize/declutter the areas. I’m really trying to get some smaller problem areas in my house under control, so today I’m tackling my Stamp Collection. That might sound a bit odd, but I have a ton of craft supplies and I really need to cull through some of them that I don’t use as often (like my stamps), and see what I can get rid of and make sure that my storage for them is as efficient as possible so that they get used.

I keep my stamps in this white drawer set. These are actually individual drawers that I purchased at Target that stack on top of each other, so they are very customizable, which was important to me when I was selecting storage for my craft supplies.

My stamp collection takes up two drawers in this set. Right now, I have what used to be an organized system, but my collection has overgrown these drawers and I don’t use them all, so I want to clear some of them out.

My first step was taking everything out of the drawers and sorting them into “like piles”.

The previous picture was everything but my wooden block stamps and this picture is all of my wooden block stamps. I’ve acquired stamps through online purchases, craft store purchases, yard sales and subscription boxes.

I decided to start with my wooden block stamps. I sorted them into piles: Holiday themed stamps, stamps with quotes, stamps with designs or shapes on them, and then stamps that I couldn’t tell what the design was.

I started organizing them into a drawer by size. I use this little Melissa & Doug wooden tray that came with a kids stamp set to keep stamps that I can just pull out for my kids during arts and craft time.

I finished this drawer, but it’ll change again before the end of this post. Part of organizing is figuring out what is not working and realizing that you might have to change it mid-organizing.

I will admit I got stuck here trying to figure out the best way to organize these because I wasn’t happy with the drawer I had already completed.

I moved the Melissa & Doug wooden tray into the first drawer with my ink pads and misc stamps. I really like this way better and it makes it much easier to pull out the wooden tray.

This may not look super organized inside the drawer, but I have some room to grow when I get new stamps and everything is easily accessible, which is most important to me.

These are the stamps that I decided to get rid of. I think I did a decent job of culling my collection since I seem to have a weakness for stamps :/

Do you have a stamp collection? Do you use stamps in crafts or scrapbooking?

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    1. Thank you so much! I know it’s a small space, but small spaces are so important when organizing because 100 small spaces turn into a huge space lol

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