Organize My Life: Organize My Purse!

Hey everyone! Today’s Mommy Minute is going to be an organize my life / declutter / clean out of my purse! I haven’t cleaned out my purse since before I went into pre-term labor with Ramsey (and since she wasn’t even born pre-term, that means it’s been a while) so this is a desperate act at this point. I have so much junk in here, I don’t even know what my life is anymore.

This is the purse I’m currently using. It’s a Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag that my husband got me for Christmas a couple of years ago. I absolutely adore it and it has been my dream bag for many many years.

And this is everything inside of it. Why, oh why would I do this to my poor purse? I don’t even know where half this crap came from.

The first thing I did was sort everything into piles (going clockwise from the bottom): baby items, electronic items & pens, paperwork, wallets & bags, and misc.

I keep a coupon organizer in my purse that I keep coupons I plan to use in. I went ahead and cleared out any expired coupons from this little guy (purchased at Target), since I do plan on keeping this in my purse.

Next, I have this old Ipsy bag that I use to store just mini emergency items, or nice to have items. A mini lint roller, some Colgate wisps, etc. I sorted through this and decluttered some of the older stuff that I may not need anymore.

After I sorted through everything, this is what is staying in my purse, which means….

A lot is leaving. This is my trash pile – anything that is just going to be shredded or tossed.

And this pile is the “New Home” pile – things that I want to keep, but that don’t belong in my purse. My next course of action was to put the things in this pile in their rightful homes.

This was a bit of a project for me – it took about an hour from start to finish but I’m happy with the results and way happy with an organized purse!


What kind of purse do you carry? Would you rather see organization posts like this done in video format?

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