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Hey everyone! Today’s Mommy Minute is going to be a fun tag that I stumbled across on YoutubeMommyMeetup called the Super Mom Tag! This just looked like a fun way to spend my Mommy Minute today and a great way for you guys to get to know more about me!

Tag Questions:

1) How many kids do you have and what age?

I have three kids: Gibson (3), Monroe (23 months), and Ramsey (1 month).

2) Do you feel you have it all together most days? Cleaning/ laundry/beauty etc

I feel like I manage to pull it off most of the time. I have several friends that refer to me as Super Mom because I am able to keep it together and get everything done that I need to get done. I obviously have off days like everyone else, but I think most of my daily success is because I always make sure to take my Mommy Minute.

3) When do you make time for a shower? Day or night?

I take showers at night. I would never have time in the morning, it’s just way easier after all of the kids are in bed. Plus, I like to let my hair air dry, and morning showers have never worked well for me because of the length of my hair.

4) Do you wear makeup everyday?

I wear makeup 90% of the time. If I’m sick or the kids are having a meltdown day, I’ll skip doing my makeup but I feel that if you look good, you feel good and if I think I look good, I’m much more motivated to get all of my work done.

5) Do you style your hair everyday or just ponytail it?

I style it, but I definitely take the easy way out. It takes me about 3 minutes to do. I basically just use some dry shampoo, wave spray and some hairspray.

6) When do you get time to style your hair and do your make up? When they are asleep or awake?

I do my hair and my makeup during naptime, so I’m not “ready” until about 1-1:30 in the afternoon most days. Unless we have somewhere to be, in which case my husband will normally watch the kids while I get ready during breakfast.

7) Do you workout and when?

I don’t workout. I seriously hate everything about it. I get enough physical activity between playing with my kids and cleaning or doing home projects. I just find it so boring and I definitely don’t want to try to find time to go to a gym. Or childcare to go to a gym.

8) What is your cleaning routine? Do you clean everyday?

I do clean everyday. I have a cleaning schedule that lists chores by day, so everyday of the week is cleaning different rooms/doing different things and then I clean my kitchen daily. I’m planning on doing a video on my cleaning schedule, so keep your eyes out for that!

9) Do you ever get overwhelmed with all the responsibilities of being a mum?

I personally don’t. This is what I always wanted and I think I’m incredibly lucky to be a stay at home mom. It’s so important to me to be able to do this for my children and my husband. My husband and I work as a team in everything, which definitely makes it easier, but even the hard days are so worth it.

10) How often do you get some alone/me time and what do you do to relax?

Normally the only alone time I get is the short window after my kids go to sleep and before my husband gets home from work. So I normally get about 2-3 hours every week. It’s been cut into since having Ramsey, though since she is exclusively breastfed and she doesn’t give a damn about my schedule :).

What do you think of this tag? If you decide to do this on your blog or Youtube page, leave the link down below! I’d love to check it out!

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