March 2018 Ipsy Review!

Hey everyone! Today’s Mommy Minute is going to be a review of the March 2018 Ipsy bag!

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Ipsy is $10.00 a month, but you can get a cheaper subscription if you pay for a year in advance. I pay $110.00 for a year of bags, so each bag works out to be $9.16 each! Ipsy is a great, affordable beauty subscription box that always has a 5+ products from brands like NYX, Benefit, Smashbox and more!

Each month the products come in a nice makeup bag, which is a great way to package the products, and it also is a great way to build up a makeup bag collection.

This month’s makeup bag is a black and white print on canvas. The design of the bag is different people, making a crowd.

Ipsy always surprises me with their products every month, and this month is no exception!

This month’s theme is Create.

This month, turn yourself – and your world – into a work of art. Re-decorate your space. Mash up two lipsticks to blend your own custom shade. Rethink your wardrobe, pairing prints and combos you’d never usually try. Turn your Instagram pics into a real life gallery. Dust off your guitar and start strumming. Dance. Sing. Sculpt. Write. It’s time to create your masterpiece!

Need a starting point? Get creative with this month’s coloring book-inspired Glam Bag. We even included two markers (but feel free to use as many colors as you like) to help you unleash the artist within. Share your creation on social and tag @ipsy and #ipsycreate for a chance to be featured on

And for tons more inspo, info, and everything you need to know about your 5 Glam Bag picks, head over to the ipsy mobile app. We can’t wait to see what you create!

+ Glossier. Coconut Balm Dotcom Universal Skin Salve (0.24 FL OZ), $5.76.

I’ve always wanted to try out this brand, and for whatever reason I just never have. This is a really nice introductory product though. It’s a very thick skin salve that doesn’t have that greasy Vaseline feel to me. It has the most amazing coconut scent though. I love multiuse products like this, and this seems to have a lot of great possibilities for me and even my husband!

+ Aurora Lipgloss – 10 Fairy (0.15 FL OZ), $10.00.

This lipgloss has a nice formula that isn’t too sticky. I’m not a huge lip gloss wearer, but when I do this is the type of formula I prefer. The color however, is a bit too light for me. Since I’m on the paler side, these colors really wash me out. I’ll probably end up passing this along to a friend. I do wish the color was a bit darker, but what can you do?

+ Twila True True Renewal Oil (0.25 FL OZ), $12.00.

I am a big oil person for my hair and skin. Not so much for my body on a regular basis, but here and there it’s nice to use. This is a really luxe feeling oil that makes my skin feel glowing and vibrant. It is fragrance free and I love that. This is a new introduction that I am glad happened. I’m loving this so far.

+ Tarte Sex Kitten Eyeliner (0.0035 OZ), $10.00.

I am so excited about this! I have been wanting to try this since it was released! For whatever reason, I was thinking that this was a liquid eyeliner, but it is in fact a pencil liner. This is legit one of the creamiest, smoothing pencil liner that I have ever used. It is a beautiful opaque black and just seriously amazing!

+ Furless Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadow Pigment in Sinister (0.07 OZ), $18.00.

This is a really pretty bronze shimmer shadow pigment. It really is gorgeous, but I am not a fan of loose pigments. I just hate them using them. They’re too messy for not enough pay-off in my opinion and they take longer to use then pressed shadows. As a SAHM, I have to do my makeup quickly. This will either be swapped or passed to a friend.

+ 2 Ipsy Create Markers, $?

These are cute! The quality is about what I’d expect for markers like these, but I love that they sent them in the bag so you can color in your own bag. I got yellow and pink! I don’t know that value for these because you can’t purchase them retail, but I am so happy that Ipsy included them this month!


Ipsy is seriously such a great value. I love the concept of the bag this month! The products themselves were 50/50 for me. There were a couple of things I’ve been dying to try and a couple of things that I’ll be passing along. It’s still worth it to me for what you get each month!

I paid $9.16 for $55.76 worth of products + the makeup bag and two markers.

What do you think of the coloring book makeup bag? Have you tried Tarte’s Sex Kitten mascara?

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