March 2018 Bluum Review!

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be talking about the March 2018 Bluum box! Bluum box is my kids’ favorite box that comes every month – when they see the red box, they know what’s coming! Bluum delivers relevant products for your child’s age, gender and developmental stage right to your door every month!

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Bluum is $33.99 a month and it’s a monthly subscription box for moms and kids, from pregnancy to age 5. Each box is customized to your child’s age and the stage they might be in.

I see lots of fun toys! This box is customized to my son, Gibson who is three.

+ Discovery Kids Factivity! Travel Through The Amazing World Of Wild Animals, $9.99.

This is a really cute activity book! My son loves animals, so this won him over in no time. This book is really education and even taught me a few things! There are lots of activities that tie-in with the learning aspects so mama and son are happy!

+ Bubabloon Fun Balloon Toy, $9.40.

OMG, I am so excited about this! Gibson AND Monroe both love playing with balloons, but the choking hazard aspect is terrifying to me, so this is amazing for us! This pack includes 1 Bubabloon and three latex balloons. The Bubabloon is “the same floaty balloon bounce that kids love, with a kid-friendly outer cotton cover reducing the chance of popping (and contains the remnants of the balloon if it does)”. My kids are obsessed with this already, and I can see this providing hours of fun on rainy days!

Eeboo Original Children Of The World Art Cards – Alphabet of Nations, $17.95.

These are cute flash cards! These cards have beautiful illustrations and each card is a different country matched to a different letter of the alphabet. These are great to help a young child learn both the alphabet and other countries, their flags and what their fashion looks like. I haven’t tried these out with Gibson yet, because I don’t think he is quite there yet, but I plan to pull these out in a couple of weeks.

+ Eeboo Fun In Action Spinner Game,  $9.99.

This package includes the spinner game and 128 stickers.

This is an improvisational role-play game. The youngest player spins first and another player reads the rhyme. The player acts out the rhyming prompt. Other players offer positive feedback. With each turn, the performer gets a sticker. Then, the next player spins and performs the activity suggested. This is a really fun indoor or outdoor game to play. My kids had a blast with it and I love that it sparks their imagination and helps them to learn to think on their feet!


I love this box so much and my kids are right on board with me. The value is always decent, not the most amazing value, but definitely worth it for the new and educational experiences my kids get each month. This is a box I’ll probably have until my youngest turns 5, and then I just have to hope they raise the age limit!

Right now, you can get a FREE BOX with the purchase of any 6 to 12 month subscription.

I paid $33.99 for $47.33 worth of products!

Do you subscribe to any subscription boxes for kids? What’s your favorite one?

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