What I’m Putting In My Kids Easter Baskets! | Last Minute Easter Basket Gift Guide

Hey everyone! Today I’m sharing what I’m putting in my kids Easter baskets this year! Easter really snuck up on me this year. I wasn’t expecting it to be so early – I didn’t even decorate for it this year! So, this may be a little late, but I hope its still helpful if you need any last minute gift ideas for any little’s baskets!

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To start with, I wanted to replace their Easter baskets. For the last couple of years, I have been using some very small fabric ones that I purchased at Target. I wanted all three kids to have matching baskets though, so I found these at Walmart and got each kid a different color. These were $6.88 each in store, but I can’t find them online.

+ Melissa and Doug On The Go Water Wow! Reusable Water-Reveal Activity Pads, $14.99 (price of 3-pack bundle that I purchased).

I picked these out because my kids love to color but I hate the mess. I figured these would be good for when they are playing outside or I’m making dinner and can’t keep a hawk-eye on them the entire time. I love that they are educational and they look like a ton of fun!

+ Marvel Spider Man 5″ Plush Hideaway Pet, $7.79.
+ Disney Minnie Mouse 5″ Plush Hideaway Pet, $8.89

I got these a while back and I knew they would just be perfect. Gibson is obsessed with Spiderman and Monroe is obsessed with Minnie Mouse. These are cute little plushes that roll up, or “hide”. My kids are weirdly obsessed with interactive plushes like these, so I’m confident that these will be a huge hit!

+ Educational Insights Playfoam Squashformers – Robot, $8.39.
+ Educational Insights Playform Squashformers – Fantasy, $11.67.

Gibson and Monroe are also huge fans of play-dough so I thought they might enjoy a more sensory-friendly version in the form of this squishy foam. I will have to keep a close eye on them when they’re using it, but I think it’ll be a great family activity to do.

+ Marvel Look & Find Book Hardcover, $8.99.

Gibson is a huge Marvel fan, and he’s just starting to get into these Look & Find books, so I thought that this was appropriate. These are really fun to do together or in lieu of a bedtime story.

+ Disney Mickey Mouse Coloring Book, $?

I can’t find this coloring book online, and I can’t recall where I purchased it. But, they’re toddlers. They loooove to color and they loooove anything Disney (which I’m not complaining about). Coloring books are a must in this house, so I thought this would be a nice addition.

+ My Little World Zip It!, $7.21.

This book will probably live in our downstairs bookshelf so that all of the kids can use it. It’s a great concept though – the whole book is filled with different types of fasteners that kids can practice with. Gibson is getting very good at dressing/undressing himself but he gets hung up on certain types of buttons, so I’m hoping this can help him and encourage Monroe.

+ Disney Cars Grab & Go Play Pack, $4.38.

This one is for Gibson to take with him with we need to go to places with long waits like the doctors. I love these for throwing in my purse or just keeping in the car to use for distractions!

+ Finding Dory Activity Book & Chunky Crayons, $?

I couldn’t find this one online either, but this for Monroe to be used the same way as the Cars Grab & Go Play Pack. They both love Finding Dory, and this set comes with chunky crayons, which are much easier for Monroe to use.

+ Easter Egg Putty, $?

I purchased these at Walgreens or CVS I believe, last year? These are just like Silly Putty, but not that same brand and they are packaged in cute little Easter Eggs. I got really lucky and was able to score a pink set and a blue set and I think the kids will have a blast with this, as they’ve never played with “putty” before. It was always one of my favorite toys as a kid.

+ Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Blurr Figure, $7.88.

This one is for Gibson. He loves action figures and transformers, so this seemed like an easy choice for him.

+ Alex Toys Rub A Dub Water Whistle, $8.00.

It’s about time to declutter and clean out my kids bath toys and replace them with some new ones, and this looked super cute! Gibson and Monroe are both big fans of anything that makes noise AND taking baths, so I figured combining them together had to equal happy babies, right?

+ Plush Dragon Tail, $?.

I can’t find this guy online, but this is just a plush dragon tail that attaches to a childs shirt or pants. Gibson loves dragons and he loves playing imaginative games, so I figured this would just help fuel his imagination!

+ Glow Play Glow Wand, $?.

Gibson has a glow necklace from a Zoo Lights show we took him too back when he was an only child, and he and Monroe are obsessed with it, so I thought they might enjoy this wand, which seems a bit safer to me than a traditional glow stick.

+ Barbie Headband, $1.00.

I got this from the Target Dollar Spot a while back. Monroe loves anything that she can put in her hair – hair ties, headbands, hair clips, you name it! This one was super cute and I love the retro Barbie look, so I had to grab it for her.

+ Paint Box Dot Markers, $?.

My kids love to paint, but the mess isn’t something I can handle on a regular basis. I ordered some smocks online for them, but they haven’t arrived yet. I figured using these paint markers, wearing some smocks, using the easel outside is the easiest way to contain the mess, so I’m going to give it a shot!

I couldn’t forget about Ramsey! I got her a little bunny plushie and a little bunny rattle. They’re so cute and they happen to match her Woodland animal room theme.

+ Playgro Snuggle N Shine Friends Butterfly, $15.99.

I also got this for Ramsey. It’s a little plush butterfly that has a nightlight for a stomach. I thought this would be nice for when she transitions to her own room, and to use now while she is in our room to get used to it. All of the kids have something like this, so now she has hers!

I hope this was helpful if you were need of some last minute Easter Basket gift ideas! I know I love posts and videos like these because it always gives me new ideas and I love trying out different things!

Our Easter plans are pretty simple this year. We will be doing the traditional Easter egg hunt, dying Easter eggs and giving the kids their Easter baskets. We will be joining a friends family for dinner that night.

What are your plans for Easter? What’s in your Easter Baskets this year?

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