March 2018 Healthiest Baby Review!

Hey everyone! Today’s post is going to be a review of the March 2018 Healthiest Baby (formally 21 Bundles) subscription box! This is a great pregnancy/first year for baby box to get. I love mine very month and it definitely makes life with a third baby easier on me!

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Healthiest Baby is a monthly subscription box for moms-to-be and new moms that costs $39.99 a month. It focuses on chemical-free goodies to take you from bump to baby, and then throughout your baby’s early months, for a healthy motherhood. They recently changed their name/brand to Healthiest Baby.

This is a really great box as far as quantity goes. There’s always tons of fun new stuff to try out!

This is my “Two Months” box, which is meant for a baby two months of age – Ramsey. They also included some information on Healthiest Helper, which is an Amazon Plug-in that suggest healthier alternatives to things you purchase.

+ Hape Rainbow Rattle, $14.99.

This toy is labeled 0+ months as an age recommendation! Hape is a brand known for it’s natural wooden toys. This toy is interesting. It doesn’t actually rattle, but the little rainbow pieces move and can flip around. Ramsey isn’t super interested in this yet, as it is a bit too big for her to grasp. My older kids however loved it, and Gibson even used it to show everyone how well he knows his colors!

+ Live Clean Baby Diaper Rash Cream, $6.99.

This diaper rash cream is made with lavender, aloe & chamomile and is 100% plant & naturally derived. It has more of a lotion-y scent then the other diaper rash creams we have tried, which is nice. It seems to work well and I like how natural it is compared to the other brands I’ve been using. This is definitely a new favorite of mine, and it’s super affordable!

+ Simply Chickie Night Owl Baby Romper, $29.99.

This little onesie is so cute! This is made in the USA out of certified organic cotton. Organic cotton is free of pesticides and doesn’t pollute our environment. The material itself is super soft and a bit thicker then I would expect, which is nice for those weather moments where you just can’t decide the right amount of coverage. I love the design on it, too! This definitely speaks well for Ramsey. This is in a 3-6 month size, and Ramsey is currently wearing 0-3 months, so I like that she will be able to grow into this.

+ Mambino Organics Little Bottoms Diaper Area Wash, $11.42.

This is basically a “wipe in a bottle”. You can spray this on a cloth or directly onto baby’s bum and wipe clean for those particularly messy moments. I’ve used a wash like this from The Honest Company for Monroe and I loved it. It made diaper changes so much easier and it made me feel better because I felt she was getting cleaner than just using regular wipes. For whatever reason, I never purchased another bottle for Ramsey, so I’m very excited to get this!

+ Aura Cacia Relaxing Lavender Milk & Oat Bath, $2.36 (based on price of $7.10 for a pack of three).

This is a product that I’ve used before. It’s really great for mommy time bath nights. It’s super relaxing and it feels really soothing on skin, especially if you have dry skin like I do. I don’t get very many bath nights, but I love products like this for when I do!

+ Motherlove Nipple Cream (2 0.06 OZ samples), $1.24 (based on price of $10.40 for 1 OZ jar).

I really like the Motherlove brand. I’ve tried a few of their products from this box before and I’ve loved every single one of them. I do kind of like that these are single use samples as opposed to a jar for a product like this. This works well, it relieves any soreness or dryness that afflict my nipples due to breastfeeding, and I love that you don’t have to rinse this off prior to breastfeeding.

+ Pura Stainless Steel Infant Bottle, $13.99 (based on price of $27.98 for pack of 2).

This is a really interesting concept to me. It’s a baby bottle made of stainless steel instead of glass or plastic. We have a few stainless steel sippy cups that I love. They keep drinks cold longer and they are much more durable than the plastic ones. You can also purchase other toppers, like a toddler top, a kids top, or a sports cup top. Since I do exclusively breastfeed, I don’t actually use any bottles, but I think I might purchase the toddler top and use this as a sippy cup.

I loved this month! I think the curation of this box is great and it’s a wonderful way to try out product catered to my childs age that I normally wouldn’t have stumbled across myself. I would recommend this for any pregnant or new mom. Or any mom in general, really. Even with my third kid, this is a great treat filled with useful items to get every month!

I paid $39.99 for $80.98 worth of products!

Have you ever used a stainless steel baby bottle? What’s your favorite Hape infant toy?

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