A Day In The Life: Easter 2018

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be sharing a Day In The Life. Specifically, yesterday: Easter 2018. It was April Fool’s Day too, but I decided to spare my children so we didn’t participate this year. But, I hope you’ll come along with me on this memory of Easter 2018 and share your Easters in the comments below!

We start the day with our Easter baskets. The “Easter Bunny” always sets them up in the living room for the kids to explore when they wake up. My kids woke up at about 8:30 today, and we decided to keep them in their pajamas until after we dyed our Easter eggs so that they didn’t ruin their Easter clothes. You can read all about what I put in the kids Easter baskets in this blog post.

Gibson was very excited about his Paw Patrol hooded towel!

Ramsey even graced us with her presence long enough to check out her Easter basket!

Shortly after the Easter baskets, our friends came over with their daughter and we started dying eggs. We are keeping it simple for the time being since our kids are all in the infant/toddler age range. We used the standard egg dye kit and these cute little rabbit tongs that I purchased last year.

Everybody got a few eggs to dye and the kids loved being able to mix and match colors and use the tongs to pick up the eggs and place them in the bowls of dye. It’s a great motor skills activity, if you’re looking for one!

After we dyed the eggs, we got the kids dressed! I typically let them pick out their own clothes to an extent. Monroe wanted to wear a pretty dress, so I picked one that had some pastel colors to it. She is wearing my friends daughters’ hat in this picture. Gibson LOVES to dress up like daddy and has been looking for an excuse to wear this little suit outfit for months now, so I finally let him wear it since it was a holiday.

While we got the kids dressed, we had our friend hide the Easter Eggs (the plastic ones filled with candy) in our backyard for the kids to find!

It took a little bit to get them interested in hunting for the Easter Eggs, until Monroe accidentally broke one open and the kids realized there was candy inside of them. Although then the hunt was no longer about the eggs and more about trying to eat every piece of candy they could find!

After the egg hunt, we had some lunch and made some deviled eggs using the eggs we dyed. Then we put the kids down for a nap. After naptime, we went over to a different friends house for an Easter party, but out of respect for their privacy I didn’t take any picture there. The kids had a blast though!

We had a great Easter this year and I can’t wait to see what next year brings. And hopefully, they’ll be at an appropriate age to do some more Easter themed activities. So, I leave you with my favorite picture of the day. This was taken during the Easter Egg hunt where Kylor was hanging out with Ramsey, in all her spectator glory!

What did you do for Easter? My husband says you’re supposed to hide/hunt the dyed eggs. What does your family hide/hunt?

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