How To Make The Most Of A Small Entryway; Design & Functionality!

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks on how to make the most of a small entryway or foyer! We have a very open floor plan on the lower level of our house, and our entryway is the smallest part of it. There is a bit of space, but not much. I knew I wanted something functional to help my family be organized and something that looked nice in the space we have.

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This is a view of my entryway. I had already started making some small changes to this space a few weeks ago. I used to have a little table against that wall that I exchanged for a bench and the opposite wall used to have a white erase calendar and a bulletin board on it.

My first step was this area. The door is actually a coat closet that we use as a storage closet. We do hang coats and keep shoes in there, but we also store our vacuum, broom, mop, etc and keep our candle stash in this closet so it’s not an area I want the kids to have to go into to get their shoes.

I got this bench from Homegoods. It took weeks of searching online and other peoples blogs and home decor pictures to determine what type of bench I wanted, but I finally decided on a bench with baskets. I loved the idea of a bench instead of a table so the kids could sit on it to put their shoes on and take them off and the baskets would be perfect out of the way storage for their shoes.

Next, I wanted to tackle this wall. Previously, we had a thin gold framed white erase wall calendar and a bulletin board hanging on this. I wanted something a bit larger and I really want to transform this into a main command center for the house, while still being a bit more on the decorative side.

I spent a few days looking at some different options online and in stores. These are the items I ended up picking for the wall.

Our first step was to figure out how we wanted everything hung up. My husband and a couple of our friends were a huge help with helping us decide where everything would go and getting it all hung up.

We hung up the new bulletin board and the new dry erase calendar first. I decided to replace the ones I had with larger and more decor-themed pieces. You can find the bulletin board here ($63.49) and the wipe erase calendar here ($59.99).

I wanted to hang something on the wall where I could display the kids art works and coloring pages, and when they’re older, homework and projects. I found these “LOOK WHAT I DID” signs with clips on Zulily, but they also found here ($26.66). These are super cute, they add a nice accent to my new command center, and they serve a functional and fun purpose.

The last addition to this wall is a wire mail rack that you can find here ($19.99). I wanted to get one of these because our current system isn’t really working for us – it’s basically just us dumping our mail on the counter until I can go through it. So now, it has a home, even if it’s temporary.

I really love how this wall turned out. I think it looks much more mature than my previous wall and I think it’s much more functional for my family needs.

The last step in my entryway project was to attach these chalkboard tags (I found these on clearance at my local Fry’s, a Kroger sister store). I used some chalk markers and labeled the tags with the first initial of each of my kids and then tied them to the wicker baskets on the bench, so each child has a basket and drawer.

I am seriously so in love with how this turned out and I love walking through my entry way now and having it be a space where so much happens, even in a smaller area.

+ Get a bench that has storage underneath it. You can store shoes and accessories in these baskets or drawers and keep them hidden from outside view.
+ Get a calendar where all of your family activities and errands are planned out so that everyone can consult with the calendar before making other plans.
+ A bulletin board is great for various papers you need to keep handy, anything you might need in the next week or so and small prints or patches to decorate the space.
+ It’s always great to have a place to display your kids artwork, and what better place then the command center for your families daily activities?

Do you have a command center? How do you organize your entryway? Drop some pictures in the comments!

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