April 2018 CrateChef Review!

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be sharing with you a review of the April 2018 Cratechef box! I love getting cooking-themed boxes because they really allow me to expand my families horizons when it comes to dinners, meal planning and desserts. This is my first month receiving this box, so I’m very excited to see what it’s all about! I am reducing the amount of subscription box reviews I post on the blog and replacing those post dates with other blog post categories, but there are some that fit the niche of my blog so well (like this one, because I love cooking and that’s a big theme here), that I almost must include them on my page – you will see others too, just not as many as before.

CrateChef¬†is a bi-monthly subscription box curated by world renowned¬†chefs. Every other month you’ll receive artisan foods, recipes and kitchen gadgets/supplies, all along a theme selected by the featured chef. This box costs $45 + $6 shipping.

This month’s box was curated by Molly Yeh!

Obsessive diarist Molly Yeh turned her online musings into food blog mynameisyeh.com when she moved from New York to North Dakota with her husband, a fifth-generation sugar-beet farmer.

Hundreds of recipes and several years later, she’s known throughout the country for her writing on food, farm life and her adventures. In 2015, she was recognized as the “Blog of the Year” by Saveur magazine.

The first thing I pulled out of this box was the information card and a Q&A that Cratechef did with Molly Yeh. The Q&A was very interesting to read.

We also got an information card and the first product of the box!

+ Short Stack Volume 32; Yogurt by Molly Yeh, $14.00, which is her new cookbook, released in March 2018.

Molly Yeh calls yogurt “the duct tape of dairy products”. Cook your way through this edition to understand why. Molly pushes past parfaits and breakfast bowls to show yogurt’s ability to enhance everything from bread (see the yogurt pita recipe) to pasta (in a delicious take on mac and cheese) to pastries (hello, blueberry-labne scones).

This is a soft cover cookbook that’s very small in size, but the recipes all look and sound amazing! I can’t wait to try some of these out with my family. Be sure you’re a follower on my Instagram account, because I’ll be posting pics of some of the recipes I try out!

This box also included an envelope of ads and information about some of the featured products and brands in this box, as well as some recipes!

+ India Tree Carnival Mix Sprinkles, $11.55.

A Molly Yeh box wouldn’t be complete without sprinkles! These sprinkles from India Tree contain only colorants and flavors derived from edible plants. They are the natural choice for adding interest to desserts, baked goods, ice cream, yogurt or just about anything.

These are really interesting to me! I love that they are a healthier version of traditional sprinkles – now I won’t have a ton of mom guilt about using sprinkles in desserts for my kids. They taste just like regular sprinkles too. This is a great inclusion for the box and really fits the theme well.

+ Maldon Sea Salt Flakes, $4.94.

+ Malson Smoked Sea Salt Flakes, $7.79 for a three-pack.

Maldon sea salt flakes are loved by chefs and shoppers the world over. Their soft flaky texture and the cleanness of the salt flavors makes all the difference. Seawater is filtered, boiled, to remove impurities, and heated until the salt crystallizes. A skilled saltmaker waits for the perfect temperature and timing to draw the salt by hand from the pans. The result is pure white crisp clean crystals. Traditional cold smoking adds a sophisticatedly subtle smokiness, guaranteeing an extra frisson of flavor with fish and all meat.

I LOVE sea salt! I use it all the time in my cooking, and I’m so excited for these little Pinch tins. They both have a nice aroma to them, and there is an ease in the packaging that replaces the need for a salt cellar. I am really excited to add these to my kitchen and I can’t wait to try them in some of our favorite recipes!

+ Crate Chef Alphabet Cutters, $13.99 (similar set linked).

Make your favorite works into delicious homemade treats with this 26 letter alphabet set. Make personalized baked goods for entertaining, savory pie toppings, birthday parties and gift giving. Handwashing recommended to prolong the life of the product.

This is a really cute set! They are incredibly small, so I’m wondering how this would work in terms of usability, but I can’t wait to find out! Gibson and Monroe are just starting to get interested in having their names spelled so I think making their names out of mini cookies would be the cutest activity to do together one day. This is obviously a Crate Chef exclusive, but I was able to find an almost identical set online, so I linked to that set and included that pricing above.

+ Seed + Mill Organic Tahini, $9.99.

Made of ground sesame seeds, tahini is referred to as sesame butter because of its rich and silky texture. This Organic Tahini is roasted at precise temperatures to lock in the natural flavor and exceptional nutritional benefits. After roasting the sesame seeds are ground in small batches to produce an irresistible paste – known as tahini – which can be devoured all on its own or used as a condiment for sweet and savory dishes.

I’ve never actually had tahini. I’m having a bit of a hard time finding recipes that include tahini, but I haven’t done a mass search for them, so I’ll just have to expand my resources a bit. I’m excited about this though. This is one of the great reasons to get a foody type subscription like this – it forces you out of your comfort zone and forces you to try new things.

+ Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract, $11.33 estimated value.

Nielsen-Massey is a 3rd-generation family company which has crafted the world’s finest pure and natural vanilla products since 1907. Produced from premium, hand-selected beans cultivated in Madagascar, Nielsen-Massey’s proprietary cold extraction process gently draws out and preserves the vanilla’s more than 300 flavor compounds, results in a flavor profile that’s full, sweet, creamy and mellow with velvety after-tones. It’s the perfect all-purpose vanilla for its flavor and consistency in both hot and cold applications.

I love a good bottle of vanilla extract. This one is bourbon based, and from looking around online, it looks like this brand has a lot of different types of vanilla extract. This is a nice bottle that should last me a little bit. I love that CrateChef sent out some elevated pantry staples like this and the seal salt. I’m excited to use this in baking with my kids and husband!

+ NY Shuk Signature Harissa, $12.95.

Ron and Leetal, co-founders of NY Shuk, handcraft their Harissa in small batches using carefully sourced sun dried chili peppers and their special piquant spice blend. Mild in heat and big on flavor, this is a treasured heirloom recipe from Ron’s grandmother. Try the Harissa-Braised Chickpeas with Feta (pg. 29). Stir into soups, stews, spread on burgers, sandwiches, fold into dips. Harissa is a tasty alternative to ketchup, sriracha and salsa.

Okay, so I have literally never heard of Harissa, but I am a huge fan of chili peppers, so I’m not totally sure how this has slipped by me all my life. I love that this is such a versatile product and I already have several ideas on how I want to use it in my meal plans!


+ Better Than Bouillon Roasted Chicken Base, $3.79.

Use to create amazing chicken soup or add it to rice to give it a robust flavor. Made with roasted chicken, this gives a richer, more robust flavor than ordinary bouillons or soup bases. Our chicken tastes like chicken because it IS chicken. No fat, lower sodium: these concentrated stocks are far free and have 1/3 less salt than most.

I remember when my mom would cook with the bouillon cubes when I was a kid. I loved those things. But now as an adult myself, I’m so glad there is just a base instead of individual cubes. I personally prefer the base for simplicity and taste. It’s much more creamy and flavorful than I remember the cubes being. I am thrilled to receive an elevated pantry staple like this in the Cratechef box.


I really liked this box. I didn’t add up the cost of everything in the box to compare value, because with boxes like these I like to focus on the curation over cost/value. I love all of the possibilities and ideas I have with the items featured in this box and I love the concept of learning more about new food items and chefs in each box. I think this is a great way to just expand my horizons and elevate my meal plans and desserts with my family. This box has gained a new fan in me.

What do you think of Cratechef ? Do you know who Molly Yeh is?


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