Is It Worth It? Gable Lane Monthly Mystery Home Decor Box Subscription – April 2018

Hey everyone! Today I’m discussing a new subscription box. This is the Gable Lane Monthly Mystery Home Decor Box Subscription. This is the first month for this subscription box and I’ve been in the market for a home decor based subscription box. I decided to test out this one and then the Third & Main box. So, let’s see if this box Is Worth It!

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Gable Lane Monthly Mystery Home Decor Box Subscription is a monthly subscription box that delivers 1-3 items valued at $45 or higher each month. Examples of decor include pillows, candles, signs, kitchen decor and more! This box costs $39.95 a month + $8.50 for shipping.

I wasn’t thrilled with how this was packaged. It was a lot of crinkle worms and paper to protect the products, but the box itself felt a bit light.

They didn’t send an information card, and there was no theme listed anywhere, but they did send this Thank You card, with a request to post on social media.

+ Antique Candle Works Sweet Lemon 8 OZ Soy Candle, $16.00.

This is a cute candle. I do really like the mason jar packaging and soy candles are my favorites. They provide a much cleaner burn. This candle has a strong lemon scent, and I love how it smells in my kitchen. It provides a decent throw and it fits in nicely as a focal point in my decor, while providing a nice scent throughout. This is a win for me!

I’m going to level with you here. I have no idea what this is. I get that it’s a faux plant of some sort, but there is not tag or brand name on this, so I have no idea how to look it up. I don’t know what it is or how much it costs and I really don’t know how to use this, so this is kind of a major waste for me. I’m really disappointed that Gable Lane didn’t include any information about this or any design ideas.

+ Creative Co-Op 12-1/4″L Wood Tray, ?.

I couldn’t locate this tray online anywhere.

This is an okay looking tray. It’s very plain though. When I think home decor, I think cutesy or farm house or something that’s themed or at least theme-able. This is a just a roughly shaped wooden circle tray. I get that in a subscription box, it’s going to be a mystery, this just feels like an out of place choice. I can’t locate it online, so I’m not sure about the retail price, but I personally am not a huge fan of this.

I might end up using this on a counter to hold a candle and some knick knacks, but this is one of those things that would require some planning. I’m debating trying to paint it to give it some color so it’s not just plain wood.

Honestly, I’m surprised that this is even a subscription box. With all of the options available out there, this is really more of a joke. There were only three items, and I pride myself on not being too picky and trying to be as open-minded as possible and using subscription boxes as a way to try new things but this box is just a major fail for me. Especially for the price. After shipping, the cost of this is $48.45 + tax. That is an insane price to pay for these types of items in my opinion. I’ve seen a ton of reviews for the Third & Main box and that seems to fit my style a bit more, even if it does cost a tad bit more. I think I’ll give that box a shot and cancel this subscription.

What do you think of this box? Would you like to see a Is It Worth It? for the Third & Main home decor box?

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3 thoughts on “Is It Worth It? Gable Lane Monthly Mystery Home Decor Box Subscription – April 2018

  1. Yeahhh, that’s not a great value. Maybe if you bought a tray and got those extra things, that would be neat, haha.

    1. That would be better! I’ll be doing a similar post for the Third & Main Box so I’m hoping that one is better and I’ll have a nice comparison of the two:)

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