Is It Worth It? Third & Main Subscription – May 2018

Hey everyone! You may remember my post from last month about the Gable Lane Home Decor subscription box. I was trying to decide if it was worth the cost and sadly, realized it really isn’t. Well, in that post I mentioned trying out Third & Main and I did! This is going to be a review of the May 2018 box, and a look into whether it’s worth it!

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Third & Main is a monthly subscription box filled with a beautiful high-quality assortment of the latest in home decor, kitchen specialty items, hand-poured soy candles, handmade all natural soaps, beautiful paper products and much more at up to 35% off of retail. Curating local-made items and supporting small businesses. It costs $59.95 a month + $10.00 shipping cost = $69.95 a month. They do offer seasonal subscriptions.

I’m already pleased that this box provides an information card with the monthly theme and the products listed.

This month’s theme is Farmhouse & Flowers!

The warm weather is here and its got us thinking flowers. Planted, in vases, on tea towels – everywhere. We love farmhouse-inspired designs. This box includes a few staple pieces that fit into any decor and a whimsical piece that will make you smile all month long. So breath in the fresh air. Smell those flowers and enjoy!

+ Bloomingville Water Pitcher, $40.00. (You can get it for $38.41 on Amazon).

I can’t get through to the Bloomingville website to create a link to the actual product. I’m not sure why, I keep getting redirected to a “Link Broken” page.

This will be your new favorite – it’s ours! Use as a traditional water pitcher or have it do double duty as a vase for fresh flowers or with the included greenery. Bloomingville is one of our favorite brands – such amazing quality and a very fresh aesthetic.

This pitcher is gorgeous! It’s very simplistic, but I feel like it would match a large variety of decorating styles and I think it’ll fit in very nicely in our house. It is hand wash only, but it has a beautiful textured outside and the word “water” embossed on the front. This is definitely a hero item for this box, and rightfully so!

+ Greenbox Art Showing Off Tea Towel, $18.00.

The $18.00 MSRP is what is listed in the Third & Main information card. The price on the Greenbox Art website that I linked above on $12.99, so the MSRP is way off for this product which kind of irritates me.

This fancy pig had us at hello. Heather’s style is influenced by her experience in urban and rural setting. Her popular animal portraits are often described as wild creatures in a civilized, very human setting. Heather and her boys live in San Antonio, Texas. She has regular gallery and cafe shows in addition to being featured on the PBS Program Arts and HGTV.

This is a cute tea towel, and I do love how it looks in my kitchen. My husband doesn’t like it as much because he feels it is a bit on the thinner side. I think it’s adorable, but not $18 worth of adorable. I am a little disappointed in the difference in pricing on the website and the information booklet.

+ Greenwich Bay Trading Co Lemon Verbena and Olive Oil Hand Soap, $7.00.

Greenwich Bay creates luxurious hand soaps enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter, thyme leaf oil and select essential oils & natural extracts blended for the kitchen to help gently rinse away odors and germs.

This is a nice sized bottle of hand soap. I’m a huge fan of lemon scents and olive oil based soap for the kitchen. It just feels so homey to me, so this is a great item for me. However, I feel like I have seen this exact bottle on sale at Marshall’s before, so this doesn’t feel luxe or “locally curated” to me. It’s nice, but not what I would expect from such an expensive box.

+ Lancaster Home Greenery, $8.00.

The vibrant green color pops and will definitely brighten up your space. At 20″ this fits nicely into your included water pitcher or add to an existing vase in your home.

This is cute, but simple. I like that this box gave suggestions on how to style this, unlike the Gable Lane box. I can’t locate this on the Lancaster Home website, but I linked to the “everyday greenery” section above. I do love that this can be styled with the water jug from this box.

I love how this looks together and I’m planning to put this somewhere in my kitchen!

+ Anne Hockenberry Custom Card, $6.00.

Anne founded Birds & Berry Studio in 2016 and turned her love of nature and art into her career. She looks for beauty in the ordinary, and her artwork reflects her love of nature. She created this custom card for you and if you look close, you will find that it captures the essence of this box perfectly.

This particular card is sold out online, but it looks like most of the cards in her shop go for $3-$4.50, so I’m not convinced on this price point the information booklet lists. I think the card itself is very pretty, but not what I would expect to receive in a home decor subscription box, so I’m kind of disappointed in what seems like a “filler” item to me.

Including shipping, I paid $69.95 for this box. I received $73.99 worth of products. That’s a big gamble to me since the box is a big mystery every month. If you don’t like one thing, it’s not longer a good value. I had similar issues with Gable Lane, and I just feel like for the price it would be easier for me to go shopping and pick out my own home decor. I really want to love one of these home decor boxes, but with these kind of price points, I think I’ll sit the next few out.

What do you think of this box? Do you think this is a better deal than Gable Lane?

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    1. I love the concept because I have no style when it comes to picking out my own, but I just can’t get into the ones that are available.

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