Battle of the Boxes: Beauteque Mask Maven VS Facetory SEVEN LUX – April 2018 Boxes

Hey everyone! If you’re a reader of the blog, you know that I currently subscribe to Beauteque Mask Maven, a monthly subscription box that sends you face masks every month. Well, I’ve always been a bit curious about the Seven Lux by FaceTory subscription box and they recently had a promotion where you could get your first box for free, with a $3.95 shipping charge so I decided to try it out and see which one I liked more. So, today I bring you a Battle of the Boxes!

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I will say right off the bat, the Seven Lux by FaceTory has way cuter packaging. How much that matters, I don’t know but it definitely wins some points for me.

Beauteque Mask Maven is a monthly subscription box that costs $18.95 a month ($15 for the box and $3.95 for shipping). Each month you’ll receive 9-11 masks of all kinds, straight from Korea.

This month’s theme is Sip Sip, Hooray!

Hey, Beautiful!

This month, we’ve blended your favorite beverages together and are serving them up sheet mask style. On the menu is coffee, juice, probiotic drinks, beer (no age restrictions here), and more! This refreshing fusion of masks will help keep your skin hydrated and dewy all month long. So sip back, relax, and let your skin drink up the benefits. Cheers!

I love the theme this month! All of the masks are drink themed, which is so cute!

+ HIDDENcos Americano Mask, $1.99.

This essence has real Arabica coffee to wakes up dull, tired complexions.

Seriously, how damn cute is this packaging? This is from the “Coffee & Tea” menu on the adorable information card they sent. Coffee masks and scrubs are some of my favorites because they do so much for my skin and a coffee sheet mask? How much better can it possibly get?

+ CosW My Real Skin Green Tea Mask, $1.99.

This antioxidant-rich mask will help you wake up to brighter, more even-toned skin.

This is the second mask on the “Coffee & Tea” menu. Green tea is seriously amazing for skin. This brand is one that I have tried in other boxes before, and it’s a nice brand even if the packaging is a tad boring. This brightens skin tone and relaxes facial skin, and it does a fine job!

+ A’Pieu Slice Cucumber Sheet Mask, $2.99.

Hydration where you need it, when you need it! Cucumber soothes and de-puffs sensitive or irritated skin. Place a slice on areas of your face or body that need extra TLC.

This mask is from the “Fresh Juice” menu. This is a mask that I have been wanting to try for awhile! Instead of a standard sheet mask, this is shaped and designed like little slices of cucumber, and you place each “slice” on areas that you want to target. I think that is the cutest thing ever, and I love being able to target specific areas on my face. This is a great hydration mask and smells amazing!

+ Urban Dollkiss Grape Juicy Mask, $1.99.

Grape seed extract is rich in polyphenols, a known skin protectant that helps fight signs of aging.

This mask is from the “Fresh Juice” menu. This is the cutest little grape juice jug packaging. All of these are so freaking cute I almost don’t want to ruin the packaging by opening them. This mask is good for anti-aging, which I am at a good age to start being concerned about before it gets too late, so I’m excited about this one!

+ CosW My Real Skin Mask – Vitamin C, $1.99.

Like a glass of orange juice for your skin! Vitamin C is jam-packed with antioxidants that help reverse and protect against sun damage.

This mask is from the “Fresh Juice” menu. This is another CosW mask, so kind of boring packaging, but I love Vitamin C masks for brightening and just giving me that “refreshed” feeling. These masks may be on the plainer side, but they work!

+ Healing Bird Botanical Face Mask Ultra Moisture Coconut, $2.99.

Fans of coconut oil + coconut water, this one’s for you! Coconut extract is loaded with skin-nourishing moisturizers.

This is the last mask on the “Fresh Juice” menu. I loooove a good coconut mask in the summertime. It’s almost needed out here in AZ. They’re so relaxing and the smell is amazing. It’s comforting when you can’t scoot over to Cali and hit the beach. I am a huge fan of coconut extract and this little mask is jam-packed with it!

+ A’Pieu Fruit Vinegar Sheet Mask – Lemon, $1.99.

Fruit vinegar helps maintain the natural pH balance of your skin. It also refines and tones uneven texture and hyperpigmentation.

This is on the “Probiotic Options” menu. I haven’t tried this mask yet, and I’m a bit concerned about the vinegar aspect. I don’t mind the scent of vinegar, but I’ve never really used vinegar as a skincare option before. I have had amazing luck with vinegar on my hair, so I’m hoping it works the same with skincare too!

+ A’Pieu Real Big Yogurt One Bottle – Blueberry, $2.00.

The probiotic dairy drink known for settling your stomach after meals now helps settle your skin – lactobacillus ferment and yogurt extracts help support your skin’s renewal process and overall health.

This is the last mask on the “Probiotic Options” menu. I love yogurt masks! They provide so many benefits and they always smell good! This one is packaged in the cutest packaging. I know, I have to stop saying that but it’s so not my fault! Have you seen these?!? Probiotics and yogurts have been popular for years and I love that we now have these benefits in mask form!

+ Ultru I’m Sorry For My Skin Jelly Mask – Revitalizing, $3.25.

Had a few too many last night? Fake it ’til you make it! This rich jelly essence blends moisture-retaining desert yucca, agave, and prickly pear with brightening grapefruit extracts for a dewy glow.

A beer mask! This is the last mask in this box, and the only one on the “On Tap” menu. I just recently tried my first jelly mask and I really loved it! They’re very thick, but my skin felt amazing afterwards. I love the beauty benefits that beer brings, so this is an absolute winner for me!

I think this box is super cute! I’ve gotten this for one for a few months now and they always have the best themes and curation. The price is good for the amount of masks that you get. This box cost $18.95 after shipping and I got 9 masks that retail for $21.18.

The next box that we are going to talk about is Seven LUX by FaceTory. This box is a premium plan for K-Beauties wanting to try the latest trending and result driven sheet masks. Each month you get seven premium face masks. The cost is $15.95 + $3.95 shipping = $19.90 a month.

This month had a card (the theme card?) that says “There is nothing more musical than a sunset.”

They include a little card with information on the “theme” and instructions on how to get the most out of your masks, plus some hashtags for sharing on social media.

They also include an information card with a ton of information about each mask. I love how easy this card is to read.

+ Mediskin Intensive Brightening Mask Pack, $4.00.

Say hello to brighter skin! Your skin will look glowing, radiant, and party ready as you go out for a breezy spring night!

Mediskin is a brand that I have tried before. I really do like their sheet masks. They always make my skin feel great and I feel like they live up to their claims nicely. This one contains an antioxidant, Gluthathione, that lightens hyperpigmentation and provides anti-aging benefits.

+ Beaucros Rose Mask Pack, $4.50.

Mmm! We can never get sick of the scent of roses! Use this Beaucros Rose mask pack to get your rose fix while also treating yourself to brightening, moisturizing, and anti-aging benefits!

Rose is kind of iffy in the beauty community, but I am a huge fan of it – in small doses. This mask works well for that and it includes a ton of great ingredients! It has Niacinamide, which improves the appearance of enlarged pores and uneven skin tone and it has Chia Seed Extract, which is an antioxidant that protects your skin from free radical damage. I love cutesy and “fun” face masks, and this rose one is a nice mix of cutesy fun and luxurious pampering.

+ Royal Skin Anti-Wrinkle Bio Cellulose Mask, $5.00.

Coming to you with another bio cellulose mask developed with coconut water fermentation, to make sure you have a comfortable sheet masking experience! This mask will get you prepped to apply your makeup, perfect for that spring getaway!

This is such a luxe mask. I love that is fermented with coconut water! This has Hydrolyzed Collagen which is an ingredient that plumps your skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also has seaweed extract and gardenia florida fruit extract, making this mask a legit spa experience.

+ DewyTree Collagen Melting-Chou Mask, $4.00.

Who doesn’t love a good collagen mask? This Dewy Tree collagen mask works to keep your skin soft, plump, and moisturized!

I’m going to be completely honest, I have no idea what “Melting-Chou” is. But, I love a good collagen mask! It makes your skin plump and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid which keeps the skin plump and hydrated and Olive Fruit Oil which contains Vitamin E and polyphenols to provide intense hydration to the skin. I love masks that make my skin look plumper and more youthful!

+ No:hj Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask, $4.00.

Need a deep cleanse after a magical night under the stars? We have the perfect mask that will keep your skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean!

This is a bubble mask, which I love! This does make your skin sting a little after use, but the information card says that is completely normal and it means that the bubble mask is cleaning out your pores! The information card includes a 3-step instruction guide for making the most of this mask. It contains Tulipa Gesneriana Flower Extract which contains anti-aging benefits that help lighten blemishes and dark spots while also leaving your skin smooth and rejuvenated. Plus, bubble masks are always really fun to use!

+ Elensilia-IntraCELL Escargot + Caviar Repairing Mask, $4.50.

Getting dressed up and ready to go out for a night of fun, music, and dancing? Use this sheet mask that contains bougie ingredients such as escargot + caviar to make your night extra special!

Seriously, how luxe is a sheet mask that contains escargot + caviar? This also contains Glycosaminoglycan which comes from snail filtrate and has skin repairing properties to firm, brighten, and moisturize your skin and Licorice Extract which balances the oils in your skin while also providing a brighter skin tone. This is one that I’ll be saving for a special occasion – which will probably be the next time I relax with a warm bath.

+ Ultrue I’m Sorry For My Skin, Black Mud Mask – Tightening, $4.50.

Don’t be sorry for your skin! The Black Mud Mask – Tightening Mask is here to save the day! This mask will help cleanse your pores and provide irritated skin with relief.

If you haven’t noticed, there aren’t many mask types that I don’t like, and mud masks also hold a place in my heart. This mask has Sea Silt Extract which provides intense hydration and nourishment while also strengthening the skin’s natural protective barrier and Lemon Oil Peel which helps purify the skin while also brightening your overall skin tone. This mask comes in two parts and I think it’s awesome that I can now do a mud mask in sheet mask form.

With this box, I received 7 masks and paid $3.95 (on discount, the regular price is $19.90 after shipping) for $30.00 worth of masks.

I really loved both of these. I love the curation of Mask Maven and the adorable themes every month. I love the variety of masks that they send every month and it always allows me to try something new. With FaceTory, I LOVE all of the information the information sheet has on it. They do send premium masks and it’s a great, inexpensive way to treat yourself every month. I think the cost and value for both boxes is comparable.

I honestly can’t choose! I loved both of these boxes for very different reasons and I think I’ll need to test out a couple more months of them before I can cut one.

Do you subscribe to either one of these boxes? Do you like this Battle Of The Boxes series?

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