Target Does It Again! | Cat & Jack Baby Outfit Box Subscription Review & Try-On

Okay, let’s just all be honest here. Target is heaven sent. They have everrrything and the cutest things. I try to stay away from Target as much as possible, but if you follow me on social media (links above), you’ll know that that’s pretty much impossible. It’s not working out too well for me. Anyways, they have a couple of subscriptions available and their newest one if a Cat & Jack Baby Outfit Box Subscription! They have it for boys and girls in a variety of sizes, so as soon as I heard I ran over to the Target website and subscribed for Ramsey!

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Target Cat & Jack Baby Outfit Box Subscription is $40.00 a season (minus 5% if you subscribe!) Every season, you’ll receive a collection of pieces from bodysuits & baby leggings to delightful rompers, all soft, comfy & perfect for snuggling. There‚Äôs even a sweet surprise to complete any outfit. And every season, they automatically send out the next size up (which you can change if needed), but it’s been working well for us so far!

Unlike the other Target subscriptions that I’ve received, this doesn’t come in a typical Target box – it’s actually shipped in a really cute branded box and everything is wrapped in Target logo tissue paper – A+ for packaging!

This is the Girls 3-6 Month Summer Box.

This is the Summer box and it comes with a little card talking about the seasons themes and a 20% off coupons valid on any Cat & Jack baby or toddler apparel purchase!

Remember when you were a kid and summer was all about sprinklers, sunshine and family fun? Inspired by those memories, our designers curated these exclusive pieces just for you. From super soft shorts to colorful rompers (and everything in between), these throw-back classics remind us that every summer day is worth celebrating. Look out for an extra surprise to complete the looks for your stylish little sweetie.

Everything is folded nicely in the box and I really feel like they took some care in packaging this up.

DISCLAIMER: This box is featured around new releases that haven’t hit stores yet, so the vast majority aren’t available online yet. I will post links if they are available, but I didn’t have much luck finding these on the website yet.

Cat & Jack Iridescent Green Romper ($7.99)

Alright, I know I’m a bit biased, but how freaking cute is that? I love this romper. It got a green and white t-shirt looking base with a floral print “tank top” over it and it buttons at the bottom. I am so in love with this, it’s adorable and perfect for summertime!

Cat & Jack Pink Violet Ruffle Sleeve Shirt. . .

with Lilac Pants ($13.99)

This is probably the cutest outfit I have in this size. When I first pulled this shirt out the box, I didn’t think there was a chance in hell of this fitting Ramsey – it’s huge! But it actually fit her quite well! It’s a little big, but not nearly as big as I thought it was going to be. This is my favorite outfit in the entire box this season and Ramsey loved it too!

Cat & Jack All You Need Bodysuit ($4.99)

Ramsey didn’t seem to enjoy this one as much. This onesie was on the larger side of the size though, which is nice because it’ll allow her to grow into it. I think it’s really cute and will be a great everyday choice for her.

Cat & Jack Fun Pink Ruffle Shorts ($4.99)

These shorts are HUGE. Which is good for the future, but bad for this picture. I do like these though, I think they’re really cute and they’re very soft. They are very large though, so they look a bit ridiculous in the picture :). I like these and I think that these would match up nicely to several things I already have for Ramsey.

Cat & Jack Pink Dinosaur Pants ($6.99)

Cat & Jack Pink Headband ($0)

This was the “freebie” in the box this month. I love that this headband matches the pants but is also versatile enough to use with other outfits. It also helps that it is adorable!

This set is the cutest!

Since there wasn’t a matching shirt, I just used one of the bodysuits that came in the box even thought it doesn’t match. It works for the photo purposes. The pants are rather large too, which if nice since she will be able to grow into them, just like the previous shorts. This is another favorite of mine in the box. I love how unique these pants are!

Cat & Jack Iridescent Green Tank Top Bodysuit ($4.99)

This will be great for those hot Arizona summers! This fits her better than the other pieces, but it is longer which will allow her to wear it for a decent amount of time. I think the graphic on this is adorbs. This is definitely a nice subscription for the cutest clothes!


I really like this subscription. It’s affordable, wonderfully curated and very helpful in supplementing Ramsey’s wardrobe. I do wish they offered more sizes and expand into big kid sizes in the future, but it’s definitely a good fit for us right now!

What do you think of this box? Do you like the Cat & Jack brand?

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