Where It All Went Wrong | May 2018 DegustaBox Review & Why I’m Cancelling (But You Might Not Want To)

I hate having to come to this point with boxes that I really love. And I love DegustaBox! This seriously used to be one of my favorite subscription boxes. I loved being able to try new, affordable food before it hit the stores and discovered a lot of products that I have since repurchased with this box. But, all good things must come to an end.

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Degustabox is a subscription box that sends out a variety of shelf-stable food items, some which are new to the market. You won’t always be able to find these items in stores yet!  Degustabox is $19.99 a month and each month, they send 9-14 full-size products!

Each month, this box is always jam-packed!

This month, there is no theme listed, but there is definitely a summer-y picnic and sports vibe.

Normally on the back of these information cards, there are recipes using products in the box but this month there is a word search.

Karma Probiotics Wellness Water in Blueberry Lemonade ($2.29) | Buy 12 for $24.99.

Transform water into digestive health with Karma Probiotics! With the use of the patented probiotic, GanedenBC30, Karma Probiotics delivers active cultures 10X more effectively than yogurt. Just peel, push & shake to infuse the nutrition into the water and replenish your body with digestive and immune health support.

This is a repeat item, and while I love the health benefits that come along with this, I have no interest in flavored waters. I’ve never been a big fan of them and I have no genuine interest in trying this. This will live in my drink fridge until someone decides to take the plunge.

Goya Maria Cookies ($0.89) | Buy a pack of 6 for $19.76.

Your favorite biscuits from Spain. These delicious yet simple cookies are subtly sweet and a perfect option for adults and children alike. Enjoy them as a snack, with your coffee or tea, or even as an ingredient in many delicious desserts.

This is a brand that has been repeated several times over in this box. In fact, this brand has two items in this one box alone. These are okay, but there isn’t anything special about them that really draws my attention. My kids do seem to like them though.

Zaffi Taffy The Clean Teeth Taffy ($3.99/3 OZ package)

Delicious zooey, gooey Zaffi Taffy help makes mouths healthy and happy! Zaffi is sugar free, gluten free, nut-free, dairy-free, vegan, kosher and Mom approved! Zaffi is the perfect After You Eat treat for a healthy smile, enjoy one after every meal. Made with natural flavors and colors in the USA.

In this box, I received four taffy pieces and a coupon for one free bag of Zaffi Taffy or Zolli Pops. The coupon is nice, it doesn’t expire until 12/31 of this year. I do like when they send samples and full value coupons. This is a nice, soft taffy that is very chewy. I don’t know how well it cleans your teeth, but its definitely a nice treat.

Goya Medium Salsa Verde – Tangy Green Salsa ($2.29) | Get 12 for $37.47.

A medium-hot, tangy green salsa made of tomatillo, jalapeno chiles, onion and cilantro, this Condiment is excellent on tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, faijtas, tamales, pastas, stews, and eggs.

I love salsa verde on any mexican food, so I’m quite pleased to have received this. This is a salsa verde that I don’t believe I’ve tried before on my own, so it’s nice to be exposed to something that might not have caught my eye at the store.

Cello Whisps – Cheddar Cheese Crisps ($3.99) | Buy 3 for $10.96.

The perfect snack food, Whisps are made from just one wholesome ingredient: Cello’s award-winning cheese is baked into a flavorful, airy, crispy – Whispy! – bite. An excellent source of protein and calcium, Whisps give you a feel-good, real food snacking experience without the guilt.

This item was brought back by popular demand. I have to be honest, these are damn good. I received these in a box a while back and I have purchased them a few times from my local stores. It’s basically cheese that has been baked. Think adult-ier Cheez-Its. I highly recommend these.

Rufus Teague Smoky Apple BBQ Sauce ($4.99)

Welcome to Kansas City BBQ with a new twist . . . Apple! Enjoy a sweet kick of tangy apple to compliment this sweet and smoky flavor.

I must admit, I do realllly like fancy BBQ sauces. And flavored ones. I’m a total BBQ sauce junkie. I use it for most things, so this gorgeous glass bottle of tasty sauce is a win for me this month.

Post Grape-Nuts Trail Mix Crunch Cereal – Cranberry Vanilla ($4.99)

Post Grape-Nuts Trail Mix Crunch is naturally flavored granola with vanilla Grape-Nuts, cranberries and a touch of puffed barley.

This type of cereal is common in this box, and at this point I’m just kind of bored of trying out different types. This is just kind of meh to me.

Deep River Snacks Sweet Maui Onion Flavored Kettle Cooked Potato Chips ($1.29)

Sweet and savory onion and garlic meet our signature, thick-cut potato chips to create one of our most popular kettle chip varieties. Certified gluten-free, Non-GMO Project Verified, nut-free, vegan and kosher. Deep River Snacks is committed to its mission of “Giving A Chip”. See back of bag for details.

I love trying new potato chips, but “onion” flavored chips had me a bit wary. These are actually really tasty though. I was really pleasantly surprised. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for these the next time I go to the store.

Popcorn Indiana Kettlecorn ($3.29 for 7 oz bag)

Our most popular flavor, Kettlecorn is the perfect mix of sweet and salty and crunch! We combine the finest popping corn, a pinch of salt and pure cane sugar. The result is a thin layer of salty sweetness surrounding every bite of wholegrain goodness.

I’ve tried this before, and I do enjoy it. Kylor and I air pop all of the popcorn we eat now, but getting kettlecorn is a nice treat for us. This box included 2 1OZ bags, so these will be perfect for a movie night.

Explore Cuisine Organic Chickpea Fusilli ($4.79) | Buy 2 LB for $33.33.

A smarter way to pasta – organic chickpea cooks up in minutes and tastes delicious for everyone in your family. Add your favorite sauce and dinner is done with 11g of protein in just 2 OZ!

I really wish my family loved this brand of pasta – which has come in previous boxes – but they just don’t. It doesn’t have the same taste or texture of regular pasta, and they can always tell when I used this type. This is a miss for me.


So, all in all this is a great box. I’ll use mostly everything. I got some old favorites and some new goodies to try. You might be wondering why I’m cancelling if I’m such a fan of this box – I’m just bored of it. I keep getting repeat products and brands or at the very least very similar products. This was a great box for my family before I started cooking all of our meals. Now all of the products seem a bit boring to me and nothing gets me really excited anymore. I do think this is a great box – especially if you aren’t huge into cooking and are looking for a place to get started or some ideas. I used it for months from that viewpoint. Now, since I get real cooking type boxes, I just don’t have enough interest in this box to keep it. I will always recommend this to foodies wanting to try new things and I’ll be keeping my eye on other bloggers reviews. If things get more exciting from my families perspective, I’ll be the first to resubscribe!

What do you think of this box? Is this a good fit for you or your family?

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