Affordable Kids Summer Clothes | Kids On 45TH Unboxing & Review [VIDEO]

Summer is coming! And that means the kids need new clothes. Le sigh. But, that’s okay because I recently found Kids on 45th, a subscription service that provides gently used kids clothing in incredible condition at a fraction of the price! I’ve ordered from them before and I’m always blown away with the quality of the clothes they sent, so I decided to give them a shout out and share them with you!


+ Kids on 45TH Subscription:
“Kids on 45th is a real store, on 45th Street! We’re in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. We’ve been around for 29 years and focus on delivering the highest quality used kids gear available. When you sign up for our subscription wardrobes, you will receive a delivery in advance of each changing season, 4 times a year. The wardrobes can be paused or cancelled. Before each wardrobe ships, we will send you a reminder to update your child’s size and review the items in your shipment. You can even order a wardrobe mid-season if you’re missing something!”

+ Pricing:
– T-Shirts: $2.75
– Pants: $4.25
– Shorts: $3.50
– Dresses: $4.25
– Lightweight jacket: $7.00
– Sweatshirt: $3.50
and more!


What do you think of this service? Is this something would make your life more convenient?


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