Affordable Kids Summer Clothes | Kids On 45TH Unboxing & Review [VIDEO]

Summer is coming! And that means the kids need new clothes. Le sigh. But, that’s okay because I recently found Kids on 45th, a subscription service that provides gently used kids clothing in incredible condition at a fraction of the price! I’ve ordered from them before and I’m always blown away with the quality of the clothes they sent, so I decided to give them a shout out and share them with you!


+ Kids on 45TH Subscription:
“Kids on 45th is a real store, on 45th Street! Weโ€™re in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Weโ€™ve been around for 29 years and focus on delivering the highest quality used kids gear available. When you sign up for our subscription wardrobes, you will receive a delivery in advance of each changing season, 4 times a year. The wardrobes can be paused or cancelled. Before each wardrobe ships, we will send you a reminder to update your childโ€™s size and review the items in your shipment. You can even order a wardrobe mid-season if youโ€™re missing something!”

+ Pricing:
– T-Shirts: $2.75
– Pants: $4.25
– Shorts: $3.50
– Dresses: $4.25
– Lightweight jacket: $7.00
– Sweatshirt: $3.50
and more!


What do you think of this service? Is this something would make your life more convenient?


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