The Best In K-Beauty | June 2018 Bomibox Review!

So, I’ve been getting pretty into K-Beauty lately, especially for skincare. I ordered a Bomibox Mother’s Day box in the past and I was blown away. It was incredible! And it introduced me to so many new brands and products. They have three monthly subscription boxes, so I decided to try out a subscription to one of them. This is my first Bomibox review!

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Bomibox is a monthly subscription that sends 8 (sometimes more) full or deluxe size Korean beauty products to your door each month for $37.99 a month.

Bomibox just announced this month that they will no longer be including an information card in their boxes. Instead, each month you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to an electronic version of the information card.

Etude House Soon Jung Trial Kit ($8.90)

This is a kit of 4 products, all listed individually on the ‘electronic information card’. It’s a very cute set. I love little trial sets of skin care lines because it allows me to try several items all at once in a routine. It includes:

Soon Jung pH 5.5 Relief Toner, 0.5 FL OZ ($1.30 estimate based on price of full size).

The weakly acidic formula whose pH is similar to skin lipid film makes skin healthy without irritation or stress to skin.

This is a nice toner with no scent that I can detect. It makes my skin feel very clean and fresh, which is nice.

Soon Jung 10 Free Moist Emulsion, 0.5 FL OZ ($2.27 estimate based on price of full size).

Low-irritant moisturizing, relaxing emulsion delivers moisture fast to skin.

I’ve only ever tried one other emulsion before, and I actually got it in the Mother’s Day Bomibox. I’m really excited to get to try out a new brand though. This is a step that I feel is commonly left out of American skin care routines, but it really does make in a difference in skin.

Soon Jung 2X Barrier Intensive Cream, 0.23 FL OZ ($2.10 estimate based on price of full size).

Moisturizing cream to strengthen skin’s resistance with protein barrier. The Cooling Relief TM ingredient relieves heat from skin affected by external stress.

This is a very lightweight, cooling moisturizer that feels almost like a gel moisturizer, but it is a cream. It gives a very nice all over hydration.

Soon Jung 5-Panthensoside Cica Balm, 0.16 FL OZ ($0.99 estimate based on price of full size).

Improves damaged skin with 5% Panthensoside by improving skin’s protein and by protecting skin barrier.

This is a much thinner ‘balm’ then I’m used to, but it feels really nice. I haven’t noticed much of a difference quite yet, but my skin definitely feels smoother.

Goodal Green Tangerine Moist Cleansing Foam ($15.00)

This cleanser contains Jeju green tangerine which protects skin from active oxygen. Rich in Vitamin C, it helps in collagen synthesis. Jeju seawater, rich in minerals containing calcium and magnesium, moisturizes the skin.

My bottle came a little smushed, as you can see in this picture. This cleanser has a nice, light scent to it. It foams up nicely and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and more hydrated. I’ve notice in the couple of times I’ve used this, I’ve needed a tad less moisturizer.

Jant Blanc Green Tea Balancing Emulsion ($?)

Green tea and herb extracts turn tired skin into soft moist skin by keeping the balance between oil and water. Includes anti-aging ingredients. Apple after toner, before moisturizer.

Ahhhh another emulsion! I can’t find this emulsion or the price of it online anywhere except Ebay :/ The packaging for this is nice and simple and I already mentioned above why I’m such a big fan of emulsions, so I’m thrilled to have another full size! This one is amazing so far! My skin feels sooooooo soft!

Moksha Dear Orange Jam Scrub ($1.46 estimate based on price of full size) | Tony Moly Lip Balm ($10.00)

This exfoliating “jam”, made with super hydrating ingredients, leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, purified, and moisturized.

This has a light orange scent and is the perfect “scrubby” texture that I look for. My only complaint is that it’s on the smaller side, but it’s still enough to give it a good testing.

Moksha Dear Orange Jam Scrub ($1.46 estimate based on price of full size) | Tony Moly Lip Balm ($10.00)

The lightweight and creamy formula melts into lips for long lasting moisture leaving lips happy and hydrated.

OK, this packaging is seriously so freaking cute. This is the perfect type of product to display. And even better, this smells like apples! I am totally in love. It’s very hydrating and moisturizing without being sticky, which is perfect in a lip balm!

Innisfree Broccoli Sheetmask ($1.80) | Labute Honey Sheetmask ($0.79 estimate based on price of 10-pack)

Soaked in vitamin-rich Broccoli Extract to help invigorate and revitalize the look of dull skin.

I’ve never tried a broccoli mask before, but as we all know I love me some sheet masks. I haven’t tried this one out yet, but I have high hopes for it and am very intrigued by the whole thing.

This sheet face mask with honey extract is full of antioxidants to nourish and soothe dry or rough skin.

I have always had great luck with honey masks so this is perfect for me! I did have a bit of difficulty finding it online, but I was able to locate a 10-pack for $7.99, which is a really great price!

I really love being exposed to new brands, especially brands that would have been a bit more difficult for me to stumble across on my own. Bomibox┬áhas done a great job with curation in my opinion. I’m very excited to get to try out TWO emulsions this month, and everything seems really great. This is definitely a box I would recommend if you like K-Beauty.

I paid $37.99 for $37.95 worth of K-Beauty products (+ the full size emulsion that I couldn’t find the cost for online). I totally think that’s worth it when you account for exclusivity.

What do you think of Bomibox? What’s your favorite K-Beauty brand?

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