A Stylish Subscription For Boys | June 2018 The Boy Box Review + Try On

In case the memo wasn’t sent out to everyone, I LOVE baby clothes. And toddler clothes. And clothes for myself. I’m a clothes junkie. And subscription boxes that send out clothes (especially kids clothes because I have the hardest time choosing) are the freaking best. When I heard about The Boy Box, I immediately went and signed up. I was placed on a waiting list for a while – this is their first ever clothing box!

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The Boy Box is a monthly subscription box that sends curated clothing sets and accessories geared towards boys 3 months -5T delivered right to your doorstep! Each month you receive 2-3 trendy items. The patterns and styles will change each month and will be perfect for the season. This box costs $23.99 a month.

This box is so freaking adorable! And most of the clothing items you’ll receive are gender neutral – as modeled below. I do have a coupon code if you wanted to sign here. Just use the code MESSMER for 20% off!

Everything was folded very nicely. Something to note – there is no information card included in this subscription. I wasn’t able to locate these exact products on The Boy Box website (they have a one-time purchase Box Shop), but the owner did say they were available a couple of weeks ago – I’m assuming they sold out! They do have similar products in other colors though!

This is seriously such a cute tank top. It’s soft and perfect for these hot Arizona summers.

I love the cute little pocket on the front and the orange back – it’s such a fun pop of color!

This is also tagless! I hope that’s a trend that we continue seeing – no more meltdowns over itchy tags!

This is seriously a Godsend for AZ weather. It’s lightweight enough to toss on when you need a semi extra layer or a hood for the rain, but it’s sleeveless so it won’t get too hot!

The interior is navy and white striped, which I think is so damn cute.

The two pieces work very well together and just need some pants to complete an adorable look.

Keep scrolling for some try-on shots!

Excuse the quality. He was really excited and wouldn’t stop jumping around! He loves the zipper because he doesn’t get to wear full jackets a lot, so that was fun for him! I love how trendy this is, but still simple and appropriate for almost anything.

And, in the versatile news, my daughter stole the sleeveless zip-up and looked just as cute in it!


I think this box was really cute. For $23.99, I received two very well made, high quality pieces that can work together or separately and are gender neutral – so I could even pass them down to both of my girls once Gibson grows out of them. I will definitely be keeping this subscription and I really do recommend it if you are looking for some new pieces.

What do you think of this box? What’s your favorite kids clothing source?


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