It’s time for another installment of Battle of the Boxes! I need a good theme song for this. A Battlebots theme song. Battlebox. Anyways. I feel like these boxes always come super late. I always get the previous months halfway through the next month. At least it’s consistent with both of these boxes though, which makes it easier to write these posts.

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Beauteque Mask Maven didn’t come in it’s regular box this month, but instead a silver bubble wrap envelope. Interesting. At least it’s cute.

We are going to jump right into this comparison. Since I’ve pretty much decided to keep both of them because I have a huge problem, this comparison is a month by month battle for which box is better. On a monthly basis. Okay.

Seven LUX by FaceTory is a premium plan for K-Beauties wanting to try the latest trending and result driven sheet masks. Each month you get seven premium face masks. The cost is $15.95 + $3.95 shipping = $19.90 a month.

The theme this month is You’re A Sheet Mask Queen. Once again, they have included a card that gives basic instructions on how to use the masks, which is nice since most of the directions are in Korean.

Get Springtime Ready as you tap into your inner sheet mask queen with May’s newly released sheet masks!

Faith In Face “I Want Perfect Makeup” Mask ($3.50)

We have the perfect mask to get your skin ready for optimal makeup application. With its softening, moisturizing, and pore tightening properties, this mask will give your skin the perfect base and add some extra magic and sparkle to your routine!

I can’t actually find this mask in stock online. This is a primer sheet mask that has green tea extract, which is rich in vitamin E and helps to retain the moisture in your skin while acting as an exfoliant to promote healthier, smoother skin. It also has apple extract, which is rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin C and helps brighten your skin as well as reduce large pores and acne and lavender extract, which contains both antiseptic and antifungal benefits to help combat bacteria, heal wounds, and prevent breakouts.

Feelxo Glowing Marigold Mask ($4.50)

Feelxo never disappoints as they bring us mask after mask with the best floral scents out there! Get ready for the new spring season as we bring you this Glowing Marigold Mask that uses unique ingredients to give your skin that coveted glow!

This is a microfiber sheet mask with serum. This mask has marigold extract which has antioxidant and anti-aging properties and Honey Extract which is an anibacterial ingredient that is great for acne treatment and prevention. I love masks that help with breakouts and this one definitely feels luxe.

Cosmetea Green Tea, Soothing Moisture Mask ($4.00 listed price, $4.90 on website)

Green tea is not only delicious to drink and good for your body, it is also an amazing ingredient praised for its ability to soothe and moisturize your skin!

I love green tea for my skin, but hate the taste and smell of real green tea. In skin care, the benefits far out weigh the weird smell green tea has. I love soothing masks since I use so much makeup and products, it’s always a really nice break to treat my skin to a bit of a soother.

Lyajin Her Story Aqua Mask Pack ($4.00 listed price, $20 for 10 on Amazon)

What is your story behind your beautiful, healthy, glowing skin? With ingredients that give you anti-aging benefits, this mask will keep your beautiful skin looking young and fresh!

I love aqua mask sheets because they are always super moisturizing. This one has Bambusa Vulgaris Water (bamboo water) which helps to strengthen the collagen in your skin and improves the skins flexibility, resulting in smoother and firmer skin and Sea Water, which contains mineral to help strengthen the skin’s barrier, while also hydrating and soothing the skin.

Wonjin Effect WithBee Honey Bomb Mask ($4.00)

Off to a breezy spring getaway or short vacay? Well this Wonjin 3-Step mask is the perfect mask to accompany you with its convenient and easy to use steps.

This is a 3-step mask: Withbee Honey Milk, which provides your skin with nutrients; Re:effect Ampoule, which gives your skin extra care and moisture; and Withbee Honey Bomb Mask, which retains moisture levels in your skin and soothes, heals and balances out your skin. These masks are a bit more time consuming since there are a few steps, so I don’t get to use them as often as I’d like to. I’m excited for this one though because of the honey properties.

NO:HJ Milky Glow Calming Moisture Mask ($3.50 listed price, $4.90 on website)

Give your skin the milkiest glow as you sheet mask with this newly released NO:HJ Milky Glow Calming Moisture Mask! Everyone will be asking where your springtime glow is coming from 😉

This packaging is the coolest ever. This mask has milk extract, which helps replenish lost moisture in your skin while also helping lighten hyper-pigmentation and blemishes. This box seems to be chock-full of really nice food type skin care, which is kind of nice.

Urban City Azulene Aquaring Mask ($4.00 listed price, $2.31 price on website)

This packaging will bring you retro vibes with its awesome graphic and aesthetic! Look as fabulous as the woman on this mask, as you sit back and watch your skin get restored and moisturized.

This packaging is so freaking cute. This is a purifying, moisturizing and soothing mask. for sensitive and dry skin. I haven’t tried this one yet, but I can’t wait to – mostly because the packaging really draws me in.

I love the theme of this box. All of the masks felt a bit luxe this month in packaging and ingredients. I do see the relation to theme, which I like because it makes the curation feel a tad nicer. I paid $19.90 for $27.50 (roughly) worth of masks, or 7 masks.

Beauteque Mask Maven is a monthly subscription box that costs $18.95 a month ($15 for the box and $3.95 for shipping). Each month you’ll receive 9-11 masks of all kinds, straight from Korea.

This month’s theme is Under The Sea!

Hey, Beautiful!

We’re taking you on an underwater adventure! This month’s mask assortment is swimming in aquatic ingredients that will help you get your skin into ship shape. Water you waiting for?

Mediheal Eggy Skin Mask – Aqua ($3.00)

Egg shell proteins plus a blend of hyaluronic acid and ceramides nourish all skin types.

Subscribers would receive either the aqua version or the firm version of this mask this month. I’m happy that I received the aqua. As I said earlier, I love aqua masks because they’re always very hydrating, which really helps my skin in the summertime. And the little egg is so cute!

Medi Flower Glacier Water Mask ($3.00)

Glacier water and red algae extracts hydrate skin for a smooth, dewy complexion.

Ah, another water based mask. I have a feeling this will be a trend based on this month’s theme, which makes me very happy. This mask was incredibly hydrating and my skin did look a bit more dewy than normal after using this. This was so hydrating it was almost difficult to use. And I mean that in the best way possible.

Skinfood Marine Gel Mask – Seaweed ($3.99)

This 2-piece hydrogel mask fits the contours of your face and prevents essence from evaporating. Seaweed and algae extracts moisturize and restore dry, dull skin.

I actually have a couple of these. They’re really nice and obviously very, very hydrating. I love the addition of seaweed extracts.

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask – Kelp ($1.99)

Kelp extract purifies and cleanses skin for a refreshing glow.

First seaweed and now kelp? I love it! This is supposed to be a purifying mask, which I’ve heard true for kelp products. This claims to have a “natural grinding extraction process”, which I’m very intrigued by.

Annie’s Way Hyaluronic Acid + Seaweed Mask ($2.99)

Hyaluronic acid, aloe, and seaweed extracts soothe active breakouts and help control oil.

The packaging for this is cute. I love any mask/product that helps with breakouts and this is another one that contains seaweed extract.

9CC Sea Collagen Heben Mask ($3.99)

Tahiti black pearl, milk protein, and rice bran ferment soothe stressed, dull skin.

I’ve never head of this brand, or tahiti black pearl. This mask is supposed to be good for dull skin, which I do have from time to time so I’m always looking for skincare that claims to brighten.

Esfolio Pure Skin Pearl Essence Mask ($2.20)

Pearl extract helps skin look brighter and more radiant.

OOOO, I love me some pearl extract. Once again, we have a mask that brightens. The little mermaid on the packaging is oddly charming, too. This is also supposed to help with the elasticity of your skin, which I don’t have a huge issue with, but preventative care is key.

Healing Bird Botanical Facial Mask – Jojoba ($1.99)

Jojoba oil deeply nourishes skin and helps plump up fine lines and wrinkles.

This mask is chock full of botanical ingredients obtained from nature. Nourishment in skincare is always good, and I love masks that help with fine lines and wrinkles, since I do have a few smile lines.

Medi Flower Black Pearl Mask ($3.00)

Niacinamide and black pearl extracts help brighten up dull skin.

This is another mask with black pearl extracts! The packaging of this is very dark and mysterious and really intrigues me. I love the pearl graphic on the front. This is supposed to energize your skin, which I’m very excited about.

The curation of this box is amazing. Each and every mask relates back to the Under the Sea theme, which is amazing to me! This box is very affordable and I love the new brands and types of masks I’m exposed to every month. I paid $18.95 for $26.15 worth of masks, or 9 sheet masks.

I think Beauteque Mask Maven won this month! I loved their curation and how well everything fit into the theme and the value is a bit better than the Facetory box. Plus, I got 2 more masks than the Facetory box!

What do you think of these boxes? Which one do you prefer?


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