I love a lot of beauty products. My Holy Grail list is a mile long. I have more favorites than anything else. But, I test a lot of products, which means that sometimes they don’t always work for me. These are products that didn’t work for me. Now, disclaimer here: just because I don’t like these products, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad products. I know some of these are insanely popular. Everyone has different things that they are looking for in beauty products, and your wants & needs might not match up with mine. (and spoiler alert, some of these aren’t even based on performance). So take my opinions with a grain of salt, and let me know if you have had a different experience with any of these!

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FYI, some of these products are leaking a bit, like the shower stuff, so I didn’t want to put them on my nice photo backgrounds. Excuse the backgrounds of these photos and thanks for understanding!

Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15 in 00 Alabaster ($50.00).

I have a couple of issues with this foundation. First of all, this one is a bit too light for my skintone, which is obviously my fault, but still causes me regret considering the price that I paid for it. My main issue though is how thin this formula is. I don’t know if I got a bad bottle, or if it is just too old (it smells and looks fine though, and was brand new when I realized the issues that I was having), but the consistency of this is sooooo freaking thin. Everytime I tried to use it, it just poured out like water and made a gigantic mess. I tried it several times until I just eventually couldn’t deal with the absolute job of applying it and then cleaning it up afterwards. It looks like they have changed the packaging to include a pump now, so I would be open to trying out the new formula.

The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover ($18.00)

This is literally made for sensitive skin. I have no idea what my issue is, but this made my eye area swell up and turn beet red. I tried it a few different nights, using my same skin care routine that I had been using for weeks at that point, and every night I had the same reaction. I love The Body Shop products, so it sucks that I wasn’t able to use this one. I don’t know why I had such an odd reaction to it, I can normally use anything on my skin.

Simply Wicked Matcha Green Tea Face Mask ($?)

I believe I got this in a subscription box, honestly. This was actually a really decent face mask. It’s a powder mask that you mix with water, which isn’t my favorite form of application, but I can deal. My issue with this product is simple: the smell. I cannot stand the smell of tea. It’s almost gag-inducing to me. I used up most of this anyways, but I just can’t stomach it anymore. If you like the scent though, I would recommend this. It’s a nice mask and tea does have wonderful benefits for your skin.

Mine Tan Super Dark Violet 1 Hour Express Tan + Mitt ($42.98, no longer available as bundle)

I actually first mentioned this in my FABFITFUN Edit Haul post, and I was soooo excited to try it. And this was a HUGE fail. Which is crazy to me, because this product has the most amazing reviews everywhere, even on the Ulta website. This did NOT work for me. It was patchy, it did NOT dry quickly, by any stretch of the imagination, and even the next day, I was wearing jeans, and the tan got imprints from the jeans in it and starting rubbing off in like, random spots. My husband, who prides himself on always being a complimentor, told me to trash it. And the mitt was okay, but it was a weird fabric and it bunched up after use. The St Tropez one is a much better option.

L’Oreal Evercurl 6-in-1 Cleansing Balm

I got a ton of these for a great deal at Fry’s, because they were discontinuing them, I think? I used up every bottle but this one. Several of them have been featured in my Empties posts. I just don’t know. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t pretend to like it enough to use up an entire bottle. This just kind of weighs down my hair and makes it a bit difficult to work with. I did like this when I first tried it. Then as I used each bottle, my love grew to disdain. I don’t know, I’m just really not a fan at this point.

LUSH Santa’s Christmas Shower Cream ($32.95)

I bought this during my LUSH Bogo Sale haul, and I love LUSH, so I totally thought I would love this. It smells realllly good. Like coca-cola. The issue that I have is, again, the formula. This is just a big blob of product. It was so hard to use because it’s so thick that it didn’t want to come out of the bottle, and when it did, it was just a chunky mess. It also didn’t lather very well, it just kind of slid all over my and my loofah. It was just an odd experience, so as much as it pains me, I’ve got to let it go.

Salon 35 Beauty Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover ($?)

This one was totally my fault as well, because I accidentally bought non-acetone nail polish remover, which essentially does nothing. I would go through soooo many cotton balls using this, and it’s just too much work. I bought a new bottle of acetone nail polish remover, and it’s just much better for me.

Zoya Lacquer in Thandie ($10.00)
China Glaze Nail Lacquer in If In Doubt, Surf It Out ($4.78 on Amazon)
Sinful Colors Nail Colour in Island Coral ($1.98)

These three colors are alllll the same shade range. Putting the pieces together? I (obviously) keep trying similar colors hoping I can find one that works for my skin tone, but these shades just don’t look good on me. I love the formulas and I have these brands in several different colors, I just can’t make orange/coral shades work for me. Le sigh.

Adesse Organic Infused Nail Lacquer in Surfer Girl ($18.00)

I got this in an Ipsy bag at one point, and it’s a beautiful shade. I have other colors by this brand that I really enjoy. This particular shade though is just so thin and patchy. It goes on super sheer, and for whatever reason I cannot build it up without it being patchy as hell. I’m not sure why, I’ve look up swatches and it’s beautiful, but I just can’t make this work.

Fortune Cookie Soap Unicornia Cosmic Unicorn Jelly Soap ($8.99)

I got this in my Fortune Cookie Soap FCS Monthly box one month, and I was SO excited! I love shower jelly! This one is caked in glitter though. I don’t like big chunks of glitter all over my body. I just don’t find it to be a good look for me. Eyes? Yes. Ankles? No. This had an odd scent to it, as well. Fortune Cookie Soap is normally really good at mixing scents to make wonderful ones, but this just kind of fell flat. Way too much happening at once.

So, there you have it. Part one of products that disappointed me. Oh yeah, there’s more.

What do you think of these products? Did any of these work for you?

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