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Ya’ll, I have two daughters. These girls have acquired a ridiculous amount of hair accessories, especially when you take into account how old they are. The mess has been bugging me for far too long and I decided it’s finally time to do something about it! So, in today’s post, I’ll be sharing how I got all these baby hair ties and bobby pins organized and the (almost decor) pieces I used to tame the mess!

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This is seriously what Monroe’s dresser looked like. I had pretty much given up on doing her hair, because seriously. How can I be expected to find anything in that?

These are the supplies I picked up! All three are from Amazon.

We have the:

Fringe Hair Bow Storage ($10.99)

InterDesign Rain Pivoting Cosmetic Organizer with Lid ($9.94)

Mud Pie Baby Girl Pink & White Headband Holder ($28.16)

My first step was sorting all of the little bits and bobs. As you can see, Monroe took great interest in this step. She absolutely LOVES having her hair done and wearing cute bows, so she loves checking them all out.

I sorted by hair ties, hair clips, and headbands.

I filled up this headband organizer first. I just put all of the stretchy headbands on this.

Next, I used this pivoting organizer to hold all of her hair ties. I just sorted them by “type” of hair ties and organized those into the different levels.

I hung this fringe organizer on a crown hook that was already on her wall (I used these same pieces for Ramsey’s room and since I didn’t have hooks in her room that would work to hold this, I just hung it up with a nail).

I used this for all the hair clips that Monroe has and semi-sorted them by design. This one is nice though, because Monroe can clip these up all by herself!

Okay, this is seriously so much better. I feel so much more relaxed knowing this space is a bit more under control now. At this point, I’ve been able to test out this system for a couple of weeks and it’s very easy to keep up with, which is the real test!

What do you think of this way to organize? How do you organize girls hair accessories?savingPNG (2).PNG

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