June 2018 Hits & Misses | My Favorites of The Month

Ah, another month has passed. Am I only one who thinks this year is just flying by? I can’t believe it’s over halfway done already. It’s crazy. I’m so happy it’s Summer though. We’ve been up to lots of exciting things, so let’s discuss some current hits & misses!




  1. The fact that we can install a misting system! – My husband installed a misting system on our porch this past week and I have been loving it! It’s so much nicer for when the kids want to play outside. It cools the patio down by a decent amount, and of course the actual mist is nice!
  2. The Ever After story by Marianas Trench – Ever After is an album by the Canadian band Mariana’s Trench. It’s a concept album (meaning the album tells a story as the songs play), and they really did an amazing job. The whole album has been on repeat this entire month. The music video storyline is incredible as well!
  3. Poshmark – I have been listing like crazy these past few days! I really want to clear out my office where all of my “to list” items live, so I’ve just been busting out listings. I still have a bit of ways to go, but progress is progress!
  4. the Jurassic Park series – My husband and I recently got the original three movies, so we have been binge watching them in anticipation for the new Jurassic World that was just released. I haven’t seen these movies in years, and I totally forgot how good they are.
  5. my Nest Thermostat – With the thermostat we used to have, I was eventually banned from touching it. I would try to turn it down half a degree and I would end up setting the entire house to 60 degrees. With this thermostat though, I can just turn the dial and it says in big, blatant numbers what the current temperature is and what I’m trying to set it to. Much more convenient.
  6. Fondue! – We recently bought a Fondue pot, and this nice, convenient cheese is sold on Amazon and at Target! It is a swiss based cheese, which isn’t my favorite, but we have been having a blast using this for impromptu date nights!
  7. Summer Vacation! – Some of my family is coming out for vacation this summer! I’m super excited to see them and go out and do some fun stuff with everyone!


  1. Teething – Just no. My poor baby is so uncomfortable :(. I’m just waiting to get past the first couple teeth because that’s what has always been the worst with my kids.
  2. My iPhone battery – I just feel like it runs out way too quickly. I do a lot of things on my phone, but the number one is pictures! I am constantly taking pictures of my kids. And that seems to drain my battery.
  3. Fake People – I really wish people would just say what they wanted. It’s got to be easier than pretending to someone’s face, right? I don’t quite get that.


I’m really surprised I didn’t have any beauty products make my list this month! I didn’t have any stand-out products this month, I guess. Plenty of things that were okay, but nothing that blew me away or pissed me off. There’s always next month, though!

What are you loving and hating this month? Are you planning to see the new Jurassic World?

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