Happy Rebel Home | Summer 2018 Happy Rebel Box Review!

As some of you may know, I recently unsubscribed from Happy Rebel. I really liked the concept, but the products they were sending just didn’t excite for the price they’re charging. Then I saw a couple of spoilers for the Summer box and I immediately went and resubscribed. . .

Happy Rebel is a quarterly subscription box. The cost is $100.00 per quarter.

The Happy Rebel box is a seasonal subscription box for the modern woman with an adventurous, edgy, and polished sense of style. We carefully curate fashion, beauty, home, and lifestyle pieces, package them artfully, and ship them directly to your door. You will receive items from brands you know and love, as well as up-and-coming designers. Every piece reflects the seasonal theme of the box, along with Happy Rebel’s unique style. let us surprise you with fresh lifestyle pieces that are both sophisticated and bold, refined and unexpected.

In addition to providing our members with an exciting box full of items we know they will love, we also donate 10% of profits to carefully selected non-profit organizations. These organizations focus on helping women in the United States and around the world by providing health and wellness services, access to education, and support for those affected by trafficking, domestic abuse and extreme poverty. Each Happy Rebel Box subscriber impacts thousands of women and girls throughout the world with each box they receive.

This season’s theme is Happy Rebel Home and this season, a part of the proceeds are being donated to Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support!

This season, each item was packaged in its own separate box to keep everything protected during shipping.

Croc Embossed Box Set ($54.00)

These boxes can be used anywhere in your home to hold small treasures. On your dresser to hold jewelry? On an entry table for keys? You decide. Both boxes are lined with flannel and accented with a stainless steel and acrylic knobs.

Here is one of the boxes opened. I think these are beautiful. I love the color and the design of the knobs. Boxes like these are always convenient to have around just to keep smaller things out of sight. These do that job and look beautiful!

Metallic Star Trio ($34.00)

Take your space to new heights with these constellation accents. Group together or display separately. These sizable ceramic stars are finished in a champagne, chrome, and titanium metallic glaze.

Okay, so these are basic knick-knacks. But, how beautiful!? I am such a home decor junkie, and these are totally up my alley. This was the second spoiler, and the reason that I ended up resubscribing. They feel of decent quality and they look great!

IMAX Goldsby Vase ($44.00)

Swirling ribbons of smoky black drift and twirl within the translucent gray glass of this hand blown, free form vase creating a striking visual experience. Its gold tipped rim takes it to the next level. With a height just over nine-inches, this unique vase adds a dramatic transitional or contemporary touch to your foyer, mantle, or collectible display.

Seriously, how stunning is this? Kylor and I are discussing what kind of flowers that we want to get for this. I’m thinking something with lots of white in it. I’ll definitely be posting some pictures to my Instagram (@mommymessmer) when I finally get some flowers for it.

Glass Sphere ($58.00)

Complementing any color scheme, brighten and beautify your home with this glass sphere and pedestal that adds a refined touch to any space. Consider this gem the jewelry accent piece of any room.

Alright, let’s be honest. Who in the hell is going to pay $58 for this? It kind of reminds me of one of those gifts companies give employees for their loyalty. It’s also kind of top heavy, so I’m a bit worried about the safety. One false knock and this ball will come crashing down. I’m not mad at it, but I this is probably the dud of the box for me.

A&B Home Golden Urchin ($18.00)

Add a dash of unique decor with this sculptural urchin piece. With a flat side and a 4 inch height, this decorative item is the perfect wall ornament to complement any modern room, or beckons light to dark corners of a bookshelf or as part of a centerpiece display.

I love that this has a hole for a hook to hang it on a wall. I chose not to hang mine up, but I appreciate the thought. This is really unique, but really cute. I love the variety of these pieces, but also their ability to play well together.

This is how I used all of these pieces. Literally the day before I got this box, Kylor and I were talking about how I was going to decorate the top of these shelves. All that’s left to do is to get some flowers for the vase! I love how well all of these pieces play together though. It creates a beautiful scene.


I really enjoyed this box. I think that the value was definitely there and all of the pieces are gorgeous. In the end, this was an entire box of decor, so I do understand that it wouldn’t be for everyone, but in my case it totally worked out. I needed decor and haven’t had the time to go scouting, and all of these pieces worked perfectly in my office. I love it!

What do you think of this season’s box? What color flowers do you think would look the best in the vase?

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