Bath & Body Works SAS Haul | Summer 2018

Another Summer, another Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale. I love this time of year. I figured I would share what I picked up this year. The hubby and I made a trip with the kids. I did also get some stuff from the VS SAS, but I posted mini hauls on my Instagram this time. (@mommymessmer if you’re interested). I’m not going to include links this time, because the last time I did this the links stopped working after about a week because Bath & Body Works stopped carrying 90% of the items I got.

French Lavender & Honey Shower Gel (ARV $12.50, I paid $6.25)

One of my absolute favorites! I seriously love this scent. If you haven’t tried it, run (RUN) to Bath & Body Works!

Cool Coconut Surf Shower Gel (ARV $12.50, I paid $3.95)

I don’t know if I’ve ever purchased anything in this scent before, but it smells so good! I love the scent of coconut (and so does Kylor), so I figured this was a good one to get.

Lemon Pomegranate Cream Shower Gel (ARV $12.50, I paid $3.12)

Ooooo, fancy packaging! I haven’t tried any shower gels from this line, so obvi I decided to pick some up. This one is really nice for in the morning. It’s an invigorating, happy scent!

Apple Blossom & Lavender Shower Gel (ARV $12.50, I paid $3.12)

This actually smells really good, and I totally didn’t expect it too. I love the scents that they are mixing with lavender, they’re so refreshing!

Peach Bellini Scented Candle (ARV 22.50, I paid $10.50)

We normally don’t buy candles from Bath & Body Works because they’re so pricey, but we caved and grabbed a couple this time. Kylor and I had the kids help us pick out a couple of scents. This is one of them. I love peach scented products.

Root Beer Float Scented Candle (ARV $24.50, I paid 12.95)

The kids were big fans of this one! This literally smells like root beer. I haven’t burned it yet, so I don’t know how it transfers or what the throw is like, but I can’t wait to find out!

The rest of my haul is soaps. I feel like this is self explanatory. Bath & Body Works soaps are my absolute favorite, so I always like to stock up during the sales.

Coco-Nut Days Coconut Colada (ARV $6.50, I paid $3.50)

You Shine Bright Strawberry Lemon (ARV $6.50, I paid $3.50)

I love their foaming hand soaps, so I grabbed coconut (hello!) and this strawberry lemon one. I love the packaging, it would look so cute in my kitchen! And the smell is nice, too!

Vanilla and Avacado Gentle Foaming Hand Soap (ARV $6.50, I paid $3.25)

Coconut and Ginger Gentle Foaming Hand Soap (ARV $6.50, I paid $3.25)

I love that these are made with avacado oil! These would also be great for my kitchen! These are both foaming soaps as well, which I love the formula of.

Cucumber & Spring Lily Gently Foaming Hand Soap (ARV $6.50, I paid $3.25)

Clementine & Chamomile Gentle Foaming Hand Soap (ARV $6.50, I paid $3.25)

These have the prettiest packaging! I’m thinking that I’ll probably end up using these in my bathrooms, they’re just so pretty! And once again, foaming. See a pattern?

Fresh Lemonade Gentle Foaming Hand Soap (ARV $6.50, I paid $3.50)

Sea Island Cotton Gentle Foaming Hand Soap (ARV $6.50, I paid $3.25)

These are kind of classic scents, right? Kylor picked out the Sea Island Cotton and Gibson actually picked out the lemonade one!

Life Is A Peach Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (ARV $6.50, I paid $3.25)

Georgia Peach Creamy Luxe Soap (ARV $6.50, I paid $3.25)

I love peach scents! Especially in the Springtime in my kitchen, so I can’t wait to use these! They’ll probably get used this upcoming fall, but I’m not mad at it!

Did you buy anything during this sale? Do you like any of the scents that I picked out?

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