July 2018 The Boy Box Review + Our 4th of July Recap!

I received the July Boy Box in the middle of June because the owner wanted to make sure all subscribers had the box before 4th of July because the outfit was created for 4th of July wear! I think that is the sweetest thing and I love she was so prepared and thoughtful of upcoming holiday!

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The Boy Box is a monthly subscription box that sends curated clothing sets and accessories geared towards boys 3 months -5T delivered right to your doorstep! Each month you receive 2-3 trendy items. The patterns and styles will change each month and will be perfect for the season. This box costs $23.99 a month. I do have a coupon code if you wanted to sign up here. Just use the code MESSMER for 20% off!

Everything is very simply packaged, but so cute nonetheless.

This is the complete outfit! It’s so perfect for 4th of July! I absolutely love the bowtie!

This is the tank top for this month! It was a bit wrinkled, but nothing a wash won’t fix! I love how simple this is. It’s perfect for 4th of July, but it’s also subtle enough to work for everyday wear!

And these shorts. Oh, I die. These are so cute! They’re basic enough that they can be worn with a ton of different shirt styles. I love that this box gives you versatility!

And this bowtie! OMG. It’s a clip on and fit my 3 year old a bit loose, which was really great because I didn’t have to worry about it being too tight, and it hung down a bit which gave it a bit more of a casual look.

I could not get him to give me a serious looking smile to save my life! But he looked so adorable in this outfit!

He didn’t love the bowtie though, so that unfortunately didn’t last long.

On our fourth of July, my husband did have to work. But after he got off work, we ran to Walmart to get a few last minute supplies & came home to start our little family celebration! We grilled some brats and hotdogs (which the kids LOVED) and then we did small fireworks and some sparklers with the kids. Gibson (as you can see above), loved the fireworks. Monroe liked them too, but only with daddy.


I really love this box. I think the clothes are really amazing quality and they’re so damn cute! I think the price is really good, especially when the curation and quality are taken into account. And it’s a really great small company to support. I highly recommend them to any mommies out there!

What do you think of this outfit?! What did your family do for 4th of July?

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