It’s that time again! I’m pretty sure I get these so late because of when I signed up for these :/ Anyways, I love this time of month because I am a huge mask-aholic. Especially sheet masks. They’re just so much fun to use! And I love the way they make my skin feel.

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Here’s a little sneak peek! I am rolling in sheet masks this month!

I’m starting with Beautique Mask Maven this month!

Beauteque Mask Maven is a monthly subscription box that costs $18.95 a month ($15 for the box and $3.95 for shipping). Each month you’ll receive 9-11 masks of all kinds, straight from Korea.

This month’s theme is Deep Detox! It focuses on detox-themed masks full of purifying ingredients like charcoal, pomegranate, and volcanic ash!

These three masks are the “Essential Elements” masks.

Farm Stay Charcoal Visible Difference Mask ($1.99)

This is a soothing mask that contains hyaluronic acid and charcoal for dewy, clear skin. I love charcoal masks, and charcoal sheet masks always work really well for me, so I’m pleased to have received this one!

COS.W My Real Skin – Charcoal ($1.99)

This mask is purifying and hydrating. This is another charcoal sheet mask and the charcoal removes impurities while the hyaluronic acid and plant extracts replenish moisture. I actually like that they included two charcoal sheet masks this month, because they are so great for your skin.

Esfolio Pure Skin Essence Mask Sheet – Volcanic Ash ($2.25)

This is a volcanic ash sheet mask! That is seriously so cool. Volcanic Ash is known for its cleansing and soothing abilities, and has been used for centuries to cleanse, purify, and treat skin. What an interesting concept. And definitely unique!

Next up, we have three masks that are the “Deep Detox” set.

Ultru I’m Sorry For My Skin Black Mud Mask ($5.00)

This mask contains bentonite and kaolin clay, which help remove the impurities while mineral-rich volcanic ash cleanses the skin without overdrying. I have tried this brand of masks before (from both of these boxes), and so far I have liked this brands line-up. This one has some pretty nice claims, so I can’t wait to give this a try!

Purederm Deep Purifying Black o2 Bubble Mask – Volcanic ($3.99)

This is a bubbling sheet mask! I’ve tried bubbling masks, but never a sheet mask that bubbles! It’s a carbonated essence that fizzes up to deep-clean pores while delivering maximum nourishment to your skin. This one is the Volcanic mask, which deep cleans, tones, and hydrates! Two volcanic masks in one box!

Purederm Deep Purifying Black o2 Bubble Mask – Charcoal ($3.99)

Okay, I get that charcoal masks are great for detox, but this makes number three. I’m kind of over it now. This mask purifies, brightens and moisturizes. Which is great! – But, this is the third one.

This last set of three is the “Relax & Replenish” set!

Skin Planet M-NMF Solution Cream Mask ($2.99)

This mask has a rich essence made up of hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, and shea butter, which gives your skin an extra hydrating treatment. I’ve never heard of a “cream” sheet mask before, but that sounds really relaxing and a great hydrating mask.

Skin Planet Daily Fresh Garden Mask – Pomegranate ($1.99)

This mask contains antioxidant-rich pomegranate promotes healthy skin by reducing signs of sun damage and aging. I love pomegranate based skin care. It helps so much in reducing redness and damage caused by the sun. I love that they included this!

Tsaio Stayed Up Late Black Mask – Alice ($2.50)

The packaging of this is so adorable! I love it! This is a black cotton mask that has a moisturizing mix of botanical extracts! This is supposed to leave your skin refreshed for the next day after you’ve had a late night. My husband and I stay up late waaay too often, so this is perfect for me!


I paid $18.95 for $26.69 worth of masks (9 masks). I think that’s pretty decent. I love the theme of this month, but three out of the nine masks were charcoal based, which I feel is a bit heavy. I’m not in love with this box, but I’m pretty happy for the cost.

Seven LUX by FaceTory is a premium plan for K-Beauties wanting to try the latest trending and result driven sheet masks. Each month you get seven premium face masks. The cost is $15.95 + $3.95 shipping = $19.90 a month.

This month, Facetory collab-ed with Bustle, an online publication. The Bustle team curated this month’s box!

Oseque Dual Bubble Toctoc Mask ($6.00)

This is another bubble mask! This mask has sugar cane extract, which is an antiseptic and natural exfoliant that smooths and brightens your skin and salicylic acid, which is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that provides exfoliation while also helping to kill the bacteria that creates acne. This mask starts bubbling almost immediately, which is an insane feeling! I love these.

Bano Baby Face Injection Mask ($4.50)

This is another mask with adorable packaging! This mask contains adenosine, which is ingredient derived from yeast. It also contains soybean oil, which is a natural emollient that helps diminish wrinkles, reverse sun damage, and tighten sagging skin – to make your face feel like a bouncing baby!

When 10:00 PM Mask ($9.00)

This mask is $9! I feel like that’s really expensive for a single sheet mask. This one has a jelly-mask consistency that helps tone and brighten the skin and includes Hydrolyzed Collagen, which plumps your skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I love jelly masks, they are so cooling and relaxing!

Rose Heart Deep-Moisturizing Pink Mask ($5)

Look at those eye cut-outs! They’re in the shapes of hearts HOW CUTE. This mask is rose-scented and contains vitamins and antioxidants to help moisturize dry skin. This is a two-step mask – it includes a moisturizing cream that you apply after you use the mask, which I love! I like multiple step masks, because I feel like they really work.

Leaders Insolution Juicy Pina Colada Bright Mask, Pineapple & Coconut ($4)

I love pina coladas! This is such a cute mask! This actually has pineapple extract and coconut water in it. These help to reduce inflammation and provides hydration and anti-aging benefits. I think this is so fun for the summertime!

Meg. Two Step Jelly Mask – Soothing & Brightening ($6)

This is (obviously) a two step mask. It has a swab that’s soaked in 9% lactic acid, which you use first. And then you follow that with the mask. It’s almost like giving yourself a mini facial. The swab is an AHA Peeling Swab, which exfoliates your skin and the mask is a jelly mask (yay!) that helps to cleanse the skin and prevent blemishes!

NO:HJ Modeling Mask Serum Chrysanthemum ($4)

This mask is gold on the outside, which I love (it just feels so luxe, ya know?). This mask is supposed to give the skin a smoother surface and increase the elasticity of your skin. I’ve tried a few masks from this brand before, and it’s another one that I like. I love that this one is a “calming” mask, it’s so nice to just have a relaxing mask night!

I paid $19.90 for $38.50 worth of masks. I did get seven masks, instead of Mask Maven’s 9, but the retail cost was actually more for this box – even though there were less masks. I love the curation and I love that these are slightly more expensive masks than I’m used to using.


I really liked both of the “themes” this month, but I have to give it to Facetory. All of the masks sound incredible, I love that they partnered up with Bustle and I love that they sent almost $40 worth of masks this month! I feel like Mask Maven was a little too charcoal heavy, and that lost some points with me. Too much of a good thing and all that.

What do you think of June’s boxes? Do you like charcoal masks?


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