I can’t believe that Summer is already halfway over! I know for school kids, it’s pretty much over – but this isn’t about them. It’s about you deciding to take some time out for yourself and enjoy yourself the rest of the Summer season. Take some time for yourself. Enjoy these last few school-free weeks with the kiddos. Just take a breather.

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Seriously. It’s that easy. When I was a kid, my parents and all of my friends parents would go outside to the back porch and just sit outside and talk. For hourrrs. As a kid, I never understood it. But now? It’s so amazing. Just sitting outside, chatting with friends, enjoying some lemonade, feeling the summer breeze. Just enjoying the weather. Watching your kids play together outside. It’s really incredible to find beauty in the simplicity of nature.


Do an internet search on cool attractions in your town. See what’s around you that you’ve never experienced before. I checked it out in my town for an upcoming vacation – there are caves to explore, chocolate factories to tour and zoos to feed giraffes at. There are cool things in every town, but it’s easy to forget about those hidden gems. So take a weekend and check out what’s happening all around you.


Everybody deserves a little treat now and then. My treats of choice are normally blizzards from Dairy Queen and Icees. My best friend however, chooses tea as her treat. Luxury teas when she really wants to treat herself. She showed me videos online of this really cool tea that blossoms when it is steeped. It’s so beautiful. I’m not a big tea drinker, but I definitely understand why she views this a nice treat for herself. Teabloom (the company with the blooming tea) actually sent me a canister of tea for consideration. I decided to take a summertime break and invite her over for a “tea & ice cream” day date.

They sent me the Berry Blooms, a green tea flower. This one canister has 36 steeps, which makes 250 cups! This set comes with four different flavors: cranberry, blueberry, acai berry, and strawberry.

The tea itself is incredibly easy to make. Since this tea is combined with edible flowers and actually blooms up, it’s recommended that you use a see-through tea pot. Unfortunately, neither of us owns a clear tea pot, which makes it near impossible to get nice pictures of the tea blooming.

I did steal a sip of hers though, and I must say, it was pretty pleasant considering my aversion to typical teas. Maybe because how much more feminine and fancy can you get than flower tea?


It doesn’t any more classic than a good old-fashioned car wash. Get the family together, blast some good dancing music and make it a family date night! My kids are obsessed with helping us wash the car – and they love playing with the soap bubbles! And of course, there is the added bonus that comes along with having a car wash party – by the end of it, your car is squeaky clean!

What do you do to make the most of your summers? What’s your favorite part about summer?

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